Beat the Heat (Part 3)

Alright, with this is last entry hitting it’s now the end of June, summer is fully in swing and you may have already taken some of our day trip tips to heart already. But, maybe you haven’t. Maybe swimming and fishing, exploring beneath the ground or riding high aren’t your things. In that case, we have a few more spots to recommend for you to get out of the city and enjoy better climes.

Head for the Trees

If you didn’t get up to Flagstaff just yet, or the allure of lava tubes didn’t quite tickle your fancy, then listen up! There is a whole lot more to do in the forest than just that! Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course is regular village of fun nestled in the trees. Rope bridges and logs, zip lines, nets, tightropes, climbing walls, all over all designed to test your body. The highest portion of the course is 60 feet above the ground! This is open daily until September 10th, just a few miles south of Flagstaff.

The Canyon

Sure, it’s a 7 or 8-hour drive from Phoenix so it’s potential as a ‘day’ destination may be debatable, but it’s only open May to November so the time to check out this portion of the Grand Canyon, specifically the North Rim. With a variety of trails from short quarter milers up, all with awesome views. Plant yourself in one of the rooms, cabins, or campgrounds and enjoy the other side of the canyon that most folks miss.

Tonto Natural Bridge

The Tonto Natural Bridge is a spectacular sight. Standing over 180ft it is thought to be the largest natural travertine bridge in the world. With a strange history involving a Scotsman on the run from Apache, squatter’s rights, and more. It sits just 10 miles north of Payson.

We hope this summer series of beat the heat tips has been of some value to you. Sure, the heat will only continue as we get into July, but now you have a full agenda of possibilities. We will catch you next month on the blog!