American Rides

Alright, buckle up, because we are about to go on a bit of a different journey than what you may expect. Right around the corner, or depending on when we post this first one, is July 4th, the most American of holidays. And while we love some good ol’ Patriotic BBQs and Bald Eagles, we thought we’d use the timing to talk about some of our favorite American cars., whether they are the most American-made, classics, historically important, or representative of an entire era. These are the cars that people imagine when they think America… and some that may surprise you!

Ford Model T

No list of American autos would ever be complete if we didn’t mention the Ford Model T, so let’s just get it out of the way right quick. Produced over 20 years, the Model T put Americans behind the wheel to the tune of about 15 million units made. Ford changed even more than that, the entire process changed the way manufacturing was done.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

American Muscle. Purists might only want the first two years of the Shelby but they’re all excellent.  The ’67 and ’68 models came with 355 horsepower. If you were out there winning drag races in the late 60’s, you were racing a Shelby.

Ford Model 18

We are going to get away from Ford eventually we swear, but first all that talk of drag racing got our gears turning. First put out in 1932, Ford’s Model 18 was the very first mass-market car with a V-8 engine in the entire world. Following WWII, these cars became the foundation of hot rod culture. The ’32 is still the most coveted of hot rods.

Toyota Camry

The whaaat? Yeah, that’s right. According to’s American-Made Index, the Toyota Camry is in fact the most American-made vehicle currently. With the highest percentage of domestically made parts and manufactured in their factory in Kentucky, the Camry is incredibly popular and, yes, American.

That’s been four of the most American rides out there, for different criteria from cultural icon to the vehicle that got Americans behind the wheel in the first place. Wishing you the best over the holidays, we’ll be back with more auto goodness next time.