Beat the Heat (Part 2)

The summer months are long here in Arizona. The need to beat the heat is always there, so we certainly aren’t going to leave anyone hanging with just the two from last time! Underground lava tube and skyrides, while great are far from the only ways to avoid the living firestorm the Valley seems to turn into during June-Aug. So, for this entry we’re looking for more ways to get outta the sun and into water fun!

Swimming Holes!

Scattered all over the state are a number of excellent swimming holes just waiting to for you to take a dunk in! Oak Creek Canyon is home to just such a swimming spot. Known as Grasshopper Point, this swimming hole is north of Sedona about 2 miles. Featuring three popular hiking trails, the water has hidden rocks so don’t try jumping or diving! Unfortunately, there is no camping, pets, fires, or glass and you’ll want to bring along drinking water.

Big Lake

One of the most popular spots in the White Mountains, Big Lake has everything you need for a great trip. Supplies store, boat rentals, four campgrounds right near the lake. 26 miles outside Eagar. Sure, it might not be a day trip, but with all the things to do there you really wouldn’t want it to be anyways.

Lyman Lake

Another great lake stocked full of fish and just waiting for campers to come and enjoy. Designated swimming areas and wake free zone for anglers. You can bring any size boat into the waters, but you have to bring it, there are no rentals on hand.

So how about that for cooling off? Living in the middle of the desert (yeah, we don’t know why we do it sometimes either) it is easy to forget that Arizona is FILLED with excellent bodies of water from small creeks to big lakes (get it?) all just a short drive away. Load up the car and head North! Don’t worry about muddying up the floors, we got you covered.