What To Expect From Car Detailing

Do you feel uncomfortable in your vehicle because it’s not as nice as it was when you first purchased it? Fortunately, car detailing can help you get that new sensation all over again. When you get your card detailed, a professional will remove the stains, troublesome odors, and any hard-to-get debris you might have difficulty with.

Please continue reading to learn more about what to expect from car detailing so you can determine if the service is worth it for you. We will discuss how to prepare your vehicle, things included, and how long a detailing might take.

Prepare Your Car For a Detailing

Although you’re paying a professional to clean out your car, you’ll need to prepare your vehicle for the situation before you bring it in. Follow the steps below to properly care for your car before you take it in for car detailing.

  1. Remove your personal belongings so your car detailer doesn’t have to work around them and waste their time. 
  2. Remove any garbage from your vehicle before you bring it in for detailing.
  3. If your car detailer visits your home, ensure that your garage or driveway is clear enough for them to detail your car.
  4. Run your vehicle through a rinse the night before the detailing to prevent scratching and minimize your service time.

All these steps are crucial for you to complete before your car detailing to ensure none of your personal belongings get drawn away by mistake. Sometimes, something important to you might seem like garbage to your detailer, so it would be best to avoid this situation altogether.

Things Typically Included In a Car Detailing

A car detailer will include different things during your service, so it’s best to contact them for a consultation before bringing your vehicle. However, the following treatments are typically included in most car detailing services.

  • An exterior car wash and wax.
  • Vacuuming out the interior of the vehicle.
  • Leather, cloth, and floor mat cleanings.
  • Window cleaning treatments.
  • Tire rim cleaning and shining.
  • Removal of debris from hard-to-reach areas.

You can also add additional services to your car detailing to ensure that your vehicle feels brand new and luxurious. 

How Often To Detail Your Car

It would be best for you to detail your car at least twice a year to ensure it remains in pristine condition. Car detailing can also reduce seasonal allergies by removing debris from difficult-to-access spots in your vehicle. You typically spend much time in your vehicle, so having a clean ride is crucial to your physical and mental health.

However, car detailing can cost a pretty penny, so if you can only afford to detail occasionally, that also works. As long as you detail your car occasionally, you will reap the benefits of a clean vehicle. Between detailing jobs, you should spot-clean your car as much as possible.

How Long Will the Detailing Take

The time it will take a professional to detail your vehicle depends on how much work you desire to do. For example, if you only want interior detailing on your vehicle, the process typically takes 2 hours. Alternatively, if you want a full detail, including the exterior, the process might take a few days for your professional to complete.

Car detailing takes a lot of Labor because a professional will get into every nook and cranny of your vehicle to ensure it’s spotless. These details can make your ride feel brand new.

Can You Detail your Car Without a Professional?

When you use a professional to detail your car, you ensure that nothing gets missed or overlooked. Technically, you can detail your car if you have the correct supplies, but since you don’t have the training, it will take you longer, and you might miss a few things. Car detailing takes a minimum of two hours for professionals, so it could take up to six hours to complete the same amount of work.

Final Thoughts

Contact us at (480) 448-1183 to inquire about our car detailing services and get an estimate. Our professionals have years of experience detailing cars and making them look brand new. We pride ourselves on offering professional and welcoming service to our customers so you can feel at ease while we clean your car.