How to Protect Your Leather Car Interiors

Leather car interiors are a staple for luxury vehicles, but you can quickly ruin the luxury feel if your leather seats deteriorate. So, it would help if you protected your leather car interiors best to avoid rips, tears, and sun damage. In addition, you’ll need to maintain your leather seats consistently if you want to keep them in optimal condition and impress anyone that enters your car.

Please continue reading to learn everything you need to know about protecting your leather car interiors and keeping them lasting for years. If you get on a consistent schedule with interior maintenance, you won’t have to worry about your leather seats looking worn out.

Prevent Sun Damage

If you have black or brown leather upholstery in your car, your seats are at a higher risk of being ruined by sunlight. Sun is attracted to the dark colors of the car, and if the sun beats down on your leather interior, your interior will eventually have sun damage. The best way to prevent sun damage is to put a cover over your windshield during the summertime to block out as much light as possible.

If you have a garage or covering that you can park under, that would also be beneficial to prevent sun damage. Again, the more you keep your car out of the sunlight, the less damage you’ll have to deal with.

Condition Your Leather

You should apply a leather conditioner to your upholstery once every two weeks to keep it in peak condition. In the summer months, you might need to apply conditioner more often, and you can gauge this by touching your leather seats and seeing how stiff they feel. If your seats have any stiffness, you should condition them to keep them safe.

If you never condition your leather interior, the inside of your car will deteriorate. Leather needs much more care than fabric interiors if you want to keep them looking nice. Otherwise, your seats and other interior items will start cracking, and you’ll eventually have to replace them. However, proper care can keep your leather car interior safe for years.

Hire Professionals to Keep Your Leather Interior in Peak Condition

If you go to a car deal detailer often, you won’t have to worry too much about protecting your leather interior. Professionals know what to look for in car interiors and are experts at keeping leather lasting. So, if you’re under a time constraint and can’t frequently clean out and care for your leather upholstery, you should hire a professional to handle the situation. Plus, when someone else takes care of your interior and is used to it, you don’t risk making any mistakes and ruining your leather.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Most people will notice leather interior deterioration during the summer because the sun will beat down their vehicle and wear it out. When it’s hot out, your leather might be stiff, and that’s when you need to take care of it, or else it will crack. Leather interiors look amazing when they’re uncracked and well maintained. 

Also, avoid keeping your windows down when it rains because this could destroy your leather. Keeping leather seats as dry as possible without heat treating them would be best. So, if your car gets wet after a rainstorm, you can blush the area with a dry cloth until the moisture is gone. Fortunately, leather is fairly water resistant, so that it won’t seep in immediately.

Final Thoughts

Contact us at (480) 448-1183 today, and we can clean out your car while maintaining your leather interior. Our professionals handle leather interiors all the time, and we know what to do to keep your upholstery in excellent condition. 

When you hire us to care for your car, you will save hours by not doing it alone. You may also save yourself money in the long run by hiring a professional because we know what we’re doing, and we won’t ruin your leather. Replacement leather is expensive, and if you don’t take proper care of your leather car interior, you will have to replace it to maintain its luxurious appearance.