Your Next Road Trip In Arizona (Part 2)

Ready to go on that road trip? We are! We hope that enjoyed learning about some of the awesome and historic sites that you can visit right here in our state. Without further ado, here are more sites to check out the next time you hit the open road…

Bisbee, Bisbee, AZ: As one of the most famous sites in Arizona, Bisbee is an old mining town. Located in the Mule Mountains, Bisbee was known as “The Queen of Copper Camps” in the town’s hay day. Now, the town is home to artists, as well as a number of retired people. What draws people to visit Bisbee, aside from its historical significance, are the paranormal ghost tours that are given on a regular basis. The Queen Mine Tour is also extremely popular if you don’t have an interest in the paranormal!

Greer, Greer, AZ: Located near the border of New Mexico, Greer is housed right inside the White Mountains. If you don’t want to fly across the country to see the seasons change, you can take a long drive and go right to Greer. Seriously, Greer is absolutely gorgeous. There is even a Butterfly Lodge Museum that visitors can check out in addition to the great hikes.

Jerome, Jerome, AZ: Way high up on Cleopatra Hill sits Jerome. A former mining town. The drive up to Jerome is a bit scary, as the roads wind around the hill, which is pretty steep to begin with. Jerome is home to a large number of artists, craftsman, and wine makers. In fact, Jerome is home to Maynard James Keenen’s vineyard, Caduceus Cellars. The small ghost town also features a Mine Museum, the Douglas Mansion, and Jerome State Historic Park.

Winslow, Winslow, AZ: “I was standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, such a fine sight to see!” If the Eagle’s song isn’t enough to make you take a trip out to Winslow, we really don’t know what else will! Aside from the song, Winslow is a popular destination for those travelling on Route 66.

Now, go out there and see what’s in our state!