Your Next Road Trip In Arizona (Part 1)

Road trips. We’ve all been on at least one in our lifetime, but the phrase “road trip” always sounds like a thing of the past, right? Well, don’t let it stop you from taking a trip! Seriously. Whether it be a weekend getaway, or just spontaneous adventure, here are some incredible historic sights to see right here in Arizona!

Heritage Square, Downtown Phoenix: If you haven’t already been to Heritage Square for one of the countless festivals and events hosted there, you should really check it out. The square is an entire collection of old, original Victorian houses and structures that were built in the late 1800s.

Tombstone, Tombstone, AZ: Not only is Tombstone famous for being the site of old Western films, it’s famous for its continued appearance as an old, western town! The historic district of Tombstone looks just as it did when it was first built, aside from structural renovations and general upkeep. It’s a great place for families, and is constantly bustling with activities, shows, and has a great selection of restaurants.

Oraibi, Second Mesa, AZ: Oraibi is considered to be the oldest inhabited village in America. Home to Hopi families, the village is run by the Hopi Cultural Center. Those who decide to visit can request tours from the center, or just receive some information. However, it’s advised to keep your camera in your car. While you’re allowed to take photos of houses and other structures, it’s disrespectful to take photos of the people who live there, or of their ceremonies.

Castle Dome Mines Museum, approximately one hour north of Yuma, AZ: Castle Dome was once a mining town, with its first inhabitants coming to the area in 1863. This town is considered as one of Arizona’s ghost towns. Now run and maintained by the official Castle Domes Mine Museum, the site has around 50 buildings, and visitors can schedule tours with museum tour guides.