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Why You Think Twice if You “Know a Guy”

Let’s face it, we all “know a guy.” It might be your father in law who was a plumber and helps the family install new fixtures. It might be your sister who sells houses and knows what the market is all about. It might just be the cousin who has the time and requisite number of hands who can come over and help for a case of beer. Knowing a guy can be great when the work is just labor-intensive and doesn’t require specific skill. But when it comes to car detailing, it is more than just a wash and a wax and a quick vacuum!

This time on the VIP European Auto Interiors blog we’re talking about why hiring a pro car detail is the right move to make – regardless of whether or not you “have a guy.”

Why Hire a Professional Car Detailer

If you’re like us, your car is more than just the thing that gets you from point A to point B. Your car is your pride and joy. You’ve invested money into it because you love to drive, you’re a Car Person! So here’s why using professional car detailers like VIP European Auto Interiors is the right move.

Boost the Value of Your Car

Thinking about selling soon and getting a new ride? Cars that have been properly detailed are going to get the top dollar for their make and model. Not just a one and done scenario either, but regular detailings keep the interiors from ever getting bad enough to need serious replacement. And everyone know about the power of first impressions! A  well detailed car is putting it’s best foot forward when entering the market. Say you’re selling a 78 Charger, and someone else is too. But yours has been detailed regularly and there’s has some wear and tear in the seats. All other things being equal, yours is going to go for more money. Now that’s a clear value!

Pro Details Have the Right Tools and Products for the Job

What would your guy be using to detail your car at his home? His home vacuum or a shop vac? What kind of soap is he using? Exactly. Pro detailers like VIP have the special tools and products ready and on hand to get the best results – and these aren’t offered at your local shop! For your cousin Fred to try and get his hands on the tools and products to do a job as good as a pro it’s incredibly cost-prohibitive – these alone will cost hundreds of dollars (if not more). Thankfully for our customers, pro detailers already have them on hand – and the experience to use them correctly. Speaking of experience…

Inexperience Could Cost Thousands Of Dollars

So if having the right tools and products on hand is so important, what happens when your guy uses whatever it is he has on hand in his garage? Buffing incorrectly or using the wrong product can severely damage the paint job on your car, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in trouble. Avoid that by hiring pros who know WHAT they’re doing and how to do it!

Save Time

How many times has this happened to you? You ask a friend for help with something, they say sure, you bring it over to their place and they tell you they’ll get to it right away. Then a week passes. Then the next. Soon it’s been all summer and you still don’t have it fixed. But it is a favor so you don’t want to push for anything too fast. A year later you just go out and buy a new one.

Despite being well-meaning, our friends and family (the people who typically make up “your guy,” are busy with their jobs and lives and favors can take a back seat to other stuff they have that’s more pressing, that’s just a fact. Detailing, depending on how extensive it is and what’s needed can take anywhere from a couple of hours to being a whole day job. That’s for professionals. Double or triple that for someone who doesn’t have much experience.

Hire a professional. It saves you time, get’s the job done right, with the right tools, by the right people!

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