VIP Highlights: Custom Black Canvas Tonneau Cover for 2005 Morgan Roadster

The interior of your car is just as important to protect as the exterior. This is especially true for one-of-a-kind vehicles, such as the pictured 2005 Morgan (above). VIP European Auto Interior Technicians custom-built a black canvas tonneau cover to protect this sportscar.

A custom made tonneau cover can protect your car’s interior or your cargo space. It is vital for your vehicle’s interior longevity. 

Without a tonneau car cover, your vehicle can be damaged by any of the following. 

Sun UV Rays

The sun is detrimental to your vehicle, inside and out. 

The dashboard is the part of your car’s interior that gets exposed to the most amount of sun and heat, which is intensified by the windshield. The intense exposure can cause fading overtime, as well as splits and cracks. While it likely won’t impact the functionality of your car, it will decrease the visual appeal. 

Your car seats are always at risk for fading. If they’re leather, the natural oils will dry out, thus leading to stiff material and cracks. The sun can also bleach cloth and vinyl over time as well. 

Protecting from the Weather

While we doubt you’ll be taking your Morgan out for a drive while it’s raining (especially with its top down), the weather can be unpredictable. Moisture is always detrimental to a car’s health and is it extremely important to dry up any excessive water as soon as possible. 

Pooling liquid can cause stains, unpleasant smells, and can promote the growth of mold and mildew, as well as affect the integrity of whatever it is resting on.

Wind damage is also a factor. When parked, small gusts of wind can propel twigs and rocks toward your vehicle. The debris can damage your vehicle if the impact is at a high enough speed or angle. A rigid custom tonneau cover can also protect your vehicle from falling branches!

Pest Protection

It’s happened to everyone: you walked outside and noticed a bird left a present on your windshield. Imagine if this happened to a car that had its top down? You won’t have to worry about cleaning up animal droppings or fur/feathers with a car cover. 

A canvas cover can also keep out insects and discourage them from nesting. 

Car Cover Materials

While the 2005 Morgan owner chose a canvas material, car tonneau covers come with options, including vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, canvas, and polymer. Let’s outline each one: 

Vinyl Tonneau Car Covers

Vinyl tonneau covers provide a durable and waterproof layer of defense. The vinyl is often crafted from marine-grade material with equally superior stitching. Vinyl tonneaus are one of the most popular, and they’re available in most opening styles.

Aluminum Tonneau Car Covers

Aluminum tonneau covers are the lightest option (weightwise) and offer hard protection. The heavy-duty aluminum panels are generally found in folding or retractable covers. They provide tough security and ease of operation.

FiberglassTonneau Car Covers

Fiberglass lids incorporate a resin-filled honeycomb pattern for strength and longevity to evenly distribute stress and weight. The typical fiberglass tonneau cover weight is between 80 and 110 pounds. 

Canvas Tonneau Car Covers

Canvas is a less popular option. It provides durable and lightweight protection without compromising on style. It is extremely user-friendly and offers quick installation and a long lifespan. 

Polymer Tonneau Car Covers

Polymer tonneau covers boast complete strength and ease of use. They are built using a network of molded lightweight plastic underneath the smooth top surface. 

A Look at the 2005 Morgan Tonneau Cover

VIP European Auto Interiors recently created a custom black canvas tonneau cover for a 2005 Morgan. The Morgan in question is 2005 Roadster, which is identical to its 1965 predecessor except for the new Ford modern V6 mechanicals. 

Built on a steel ladder frame with an aluminum body that is reinforced with wood, the 2005 Roadster is as close to its original form as it could possibly be. The black canvas contrasts with the stark yellow color, but the yellow stitching and simple design keeps the cover from overshadowing the beauty of the vehicle. The stitching highlights the car’s shape as well, thus drawing attention from the covered interior to the Morgan’s sleek design. 

A custom car cover should do just that — highlight the vehicle’s unique design without compromising on protection. This tonneau cover is one of many built by the VIP European Auto Interiors Technicians. If you’re interested in a stylish and protective option for your vehicle, give them a call today to set up your free estimate