VIP Highlights: Interior Remodels

VIP European Auto would like to highlight their current interior car renovation projects, which include a Corvette and a Chrysler. 

Renovating a Custom Corvette 

For nearly 70 years, the Corvette has been an esteemed and highly sought after vehicle by car enthusiasts. It made its start in Detroit, Michigan, as General Motors (GM) unveiled the “dream car” in 1953 at the Motorama show in New York’s Waldorf Astoria hotel. The first Corvette rolled off the assembly line in Flint, Michigan, on June 30, 1953. 

Rich in its history, the Corvette did not start strong in the eyes of consumers. But come 1992, over one million of them were made. 

Now, Corvettes are known to be an accessible sports car that appeals to everyone. They’re attention grabbers with their sleek and powerhouse designs and many say they represent the American Dream, as it was America’s first take on British sports car designs. 

For many, a Corvette is more than a car: it’s an experience. 

VIP European Auto is no stranger to giving those experiences a new life. Their technicians are currently working on rebuilding a custom interior, including new seats and speakers, for a custom Corvette. 

Giving the Corvette Interior New Life

When the vehicle was brought in, the interior was well-loved and in desperate need of repairs. The red interior is original, thus facing years of use. The red leather over the seats are cracking and faded, while the red dash, paired with wood paneling, lost its luster. Both are scratched and in need of replacement. 

The seats are from a Porsche 928 and will be redone to fit the car.

The carpet is dusty and stained and will be completely redone as well (as pictured). 

Once finished, this vehicle will be polished, unique, and ready for whatever the owner has in store for it, whether it is car shows or long and leisurely weekend drives. 

Full Interior Rebuild of ‘67 Chrysler

The history of Chrysler 300s goes back to the creation of the 300 Letter Series in 1955. 

The 300 “letter series” cars focused on performance and were built by domestic manufacturers in the U.S. They are considered to be one of the ancestors of the modern-day muscle cars.

The first model, named C-300, was later redone in 1956, and renamed the 300B, and so on. Each new iteration featured changes to the design and new or tuned tech under the hood. 

The non-letter series was produced from 1962-1971 and replaced the Chrysler Windsor. These models expanded to include a 4-door hardtop and a 4-door sedan and added a 383 V8. 

Now underway, this beautiful 1967 red Chrysler 300 is receiving a complete custom interior from VIP European Auto. The old carpet has already been torn out and the new tan upholstery is going in. The light tones are bringing the car back to its roots while giving the interior a clean and open feel that contrasts with the dark red exterior. 

Once complete, the door panels, dash, carpet, and seats will be custom fit and made to match the car’s style and the owner’s taste. 

VIP European Auto Services

VIP European Auto restores all models: from Mercedes, to Porsche, BMW, Ford, Chevrolet; they do not discriminate. 

Their expert technicians are passionate and dedicated to what they do. Every vehicle is handled with care and patience. 

They can repair, restore, or replace seats, including the creation of custom seat designs, to increase your comfort while driving. Such as with the above Corvette, VIP is replacing the seats with those from a Porsche 928 to match the owner’s taste. 

It can be as simple as cracked leather, or torn upholstery; VIP can repair or replace it. 

Convertible Top Repairs

If you own a convertible, VIP can repair the top. The telltale sign of a convertible in distress is its top not opening or closing at all. This is most likely caused by the pump or motor malfunctioning or not getting power. If it’s not the pump or motor, then the relay fuse or the convertible switch might be bad, or a hinge may be damaged or misaligned.

If your top opens or closes slowly, it could be time for a checkup. Sluggish movement can be caused by a weak lift cylinder, low fluid levels, corroded relay contacts, air in the lines or worn out cylinders. In some cases, the car battery may also be the problem.

If you’re just looking to redo the visual appeal of your car, VIP has you covered too. They can customize your convertible’s top and replace it with something that better fits your needs. 

Carpets and Upholstery

Antique vehicles and classic vehicles can gain considerably in terms of visual appeal by all that custom interior services have to offer, including updating upholstery and carpeting. 

Replacing carpeting can be particularly demanding and often requires the assistance of professionals that routinely do this type of work. Having a professional custom carpeting and upholstery expert do the work can go a long way in adding value to your beautiful classic automobile. 

From leather to vinyl and a host of other materials, custom upholstery work is beyond compare. 

For a free estimate, contact VIP European Auto today