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Is your upholstery ripped, torn, faded, punctured or damaged?

Does the interior of your car look like a disaster area?

Are you sick and tired of living like this? Are you embarrassed when your friends and family get into your vehicle?

Here at VIP European Auto, we specialize in taking beat up interiors and making them look like new. Whether your seats are torn, or your carpet is coming up, or the leather on your steering wheel is cracked and faded, we can repair it. We perform custom upholstery work on every material imaginable, from the highest quality leather to vinyl and fabric. You friendly team of interior professionals has decades of combined experience.

At VIP European Auto, we like to ask ourselves, what matters to us when we are getting interior work done on our cars? We like to know we are putting our vehicle in the hands of a skilled professional. We like to know our vehicle is being worked on by people who are truly passionate about cars. We also like to know we are dealing with people who are both friendly and professional.

This is how we have designed our business here at VIP European Auto. All of our interior professionals are knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced. They are friendly and caring, in part because they are doing something they love. Restoring a beautiful leather interior is an incredibly rewarding process.

Best of all, VIP European Auto provides free estimate. We encourage you to bring your car in today, to let us have a look at it. You owe it both to yourself, and your car.

We can’t wait to see you!