The Secrets to Getting Your Best Car Wash

Sure, you could give your kid $5 and let them take a bucket of soapy water to your car and you might end up with a vehicle slightly cleaner than it was before but that’s not getting you the kind of car wash your ride needs! This time on the VIP European Auto blog we’re going to give you some crucial tips and tricks to give your car the best wash yet, as only pro detailers know-how!

Tips and Tricks for the Best Car Wash

Rinse Before Wash

Before you dive in and slap a soapy sponge to your car’s exterior, take a beat to give it a rinse first. This will prevent you from grinding any dust, dirt,  or other small particles into your paint job and keep you from damaging your finish. So use clean, clear water and give your car a rinse before you start scrubbing.

The Right Soap For the Right Job

Hey, this might seem like a no brainer but you’d be surprised! You don’t wash your clothes with dish soap right? And surely you’re not scrubbing your toilet with laundry detergent. The right soap for the right job is a crucial piece of any clean up operation! For your car make sure you’re using specific car wash soap. Using the wrong soap such as dishsoap can ruin your car’s finish by leeching out oils that are inside the paint.

No Glove No Car Wash Love

Big ol’ sponges may be a classic tool in the car wash game but they’re not the best! Those sponges can capture and hold on to dirt, dust, and debris. And what happens then? Well you’re rubbing down the side of your car with a rough surface scratching up the side of it! Car detailers use a special microfiber mitt instead. This microfiber mitt is soft, and when it’s rinsed the dirt and debris is rinsed right out, it doesn’t hold on to anything. Since it’s a glove too you get the perfect amount of control for where you want to be scrubbing.

Bring Two Buckets To the Job

Here’s another tip that’s so incredibly simple but can do so much for you! Bring two buckets to the clean up job, one with clean sooapy water, and one to rinse in. After every wipe with your microfiber glove, dunk it into the rinse water to clear any dirt and debris. Then back into the soapy water and right where you left off. This will keep you from rubbing dirt and debris around on your car and keep the clean soapy water, well, clean.

Dry With a Microfiber Towel

Stick to microfiber when it comes to your drying towel as well! Using any old towel will, like most things, soak up water but it won’t pick up and remove any of the grit that’s left behind after rinsing. Like the sponge mentioned before it can just grab ahold of it and drag it across the surface of your car as you dry, ruining your paint job. Microfiber is made for this! They collect the particles and pull them away from the surface. Rinse it, wring it, and get back to work!

The Right Wax for the Right Car

Depending on what kind of vehicle you have, you may need to pay closer attention to the wax you’re using. Modern synthetic waxes are great, delivering a look and sealing and protecting the surface of your car. Older style paste waxes can look great on an antique car but it won’t produce the same effect as synthetic waxes on neweer vehicles.  Apply the wax a little at a time and use a sponge to apply it.

These are just a few killer tips to help you wash your car like a pro! Don’t have the tools or the desire to spend a weekend morning putting in the necessary work? Want the job done better than you could imagine? Hire a car detailer. Need to get some work done beforehand? Well you know who to call!

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