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The Pros and Cons of Three Top-Rated Family Cars

So you’re on the hunt for a new car for yourself and your family. When you were 18 and had $2,500 to spend on a car, the small sedan with a faulty airbag may have seemed like a viable option. But now you have precious cargo, and a safe and reliable family car is essential for your safety and peace of mind. Read on to discover all the advantages and disadvantages of three top rated family cars. 

Top-Rated Family Cars and their Pros and Cons 

Below we detail one top-rated two-row SUV, one three-row SUV, and one smaller sedan to help you decide which type will best suit your family’s needs. And if you want even more family car tips, check out this article on getting your vehicle’s interior ready for the ultimate family road trip. 

Car: 2021 Honda CR-V 

Type: Two-row SUV


It’s Fast. 

It’s equipped with a 1.5-L engine that has no trouble accelerating. At the same time, it has a desirable fuel efficiency at approximately 30 mpg. 

It’s Spacious.

If you have a tall family, this could definitely be a great choice. Two adults at six feet in height could fit comfortably in the back seat, making this a great car for long commutes or road trips, especially considering the large amount of cargo area perfect for multiple suitcases. 

Handling Capabilities 

It comes equipped with great handling capabilities, including responsive steering and the ability to minimize the feel of bumps on the road. 

Easy-To-Use Latch System

It has a latch system perfect for easily securing kids into their seats. Rear- facing car seats are also easy to strap-in due to the roominess of the back seat. 

Driver’s Aids

It comes with driver’s aids. This car comes with a wide variety of useful features, such as collision warning, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, automatic high beams, and a collision mitigation braking system

Technologically Up-To-Date

It’s up-to-date with USB ports, bluetooth capability for hands-free calling and audio streaming, AppleCar Play, Android Auto, and a 7-inch screen for all your entertainment needs. 


Unreliable Touchscreen

There have been complaints about an unreliable touchscreen. Plus, there is no knob to fall back on when the touchscreen is having an off day. The menu displays have been said to be clunky, and the system has a difficult time recognizing human speech patterns, making it far easier to connect through your phone and use that instead. 

Low Towing Capability 

It’s towing capability is far lower than similar-size cars. The standard car of this CR-V’s size can tow up to 2,000 pounds, versus this CR-V which maxes out at 1,500 pounds. If you’re planning on towing an RV or boat, this is probably not the car for you.

Inconsistent Gas Mileage

Your gas mileage capabilities depend heavily on the type of driver you are. If you take corners slow and accelerate at a normal rate, expect to stay around 30 mpg. If the highway is your personal racetrack, you’ll most likely get around 28 mpg. 

Car: 2020 Hyundai Palisade 

Type: Three-row SUV


Luxurious Interior

The Hyundai Palisade is incredibly luxurious on the inside considering its price point. It sports stitched leather along the door panels, a faux-suede roof, and high-quality stitched Napa leather on the seats of every row. Both front bucket seats are heated and ventilated, with lumbar and thigh support. If you plan on safekeeping that beautiful leather, click here to discover the best seat covers to protect your vehicle’s interior. 

Spacious Backseat

While it’s competitors (such as the Ford Explorer) have slightly more space in the backseat, there is still room for a six foot individual to sit comfortably in the third row. With that being said, the second row is undeniably comfortable, boasting more legroom than the Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot, and Subaru Ascent. 

Highway Driving

It’s great for highway driving. With its V6 engine and eight-speed automatic transmission, this car has no trouble getting up to speed, even considering its impressive size. 

Smooth Ride Experience 

It comes with responsive steering and a good suspension, making for a smooth and soft ride. 

Towing Capability

Compared to our former car on the list, the Hyundai Palisade can tow an impressive 5,000 pounds.


Mediocre Gas Mileage

The gas mileage is just okay, at 26 mpg on the highway and only 19 mpg around a city. 


From the outside, it’s not the prettiest car on the road. It has many elements that don’t quite mesh together in a super aesthetically pleasing fashion. For example, the unique headlight fixtures and obnoxious grille chrome confuse the overall look of the vehicle.

Unreliable Touchscreen

Just like the Honda CR-V, the touchscreen needs some work. Setting up bluetooth or simple navigation services is overcomplicated and can be a frustrating task. Again, it would be best to control everything from your phone, and not rely on the car’s interior system. 

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Car: 2021 Toyota Avalon 

Type: Sedan


Gas Mileage

If you’re looking for exceptional gas mileage, it would be wise to consider the hybrid version of the Toyota Avalon. This car can actually get up to more than 40 mpg. If you’re always driving the kids to school, practice, clubs, and more— this is an undeniably amazing feature. 


It has great second-row legroom. Compared to its competitors, the Toyota Avalon sports more than 40 inches of legroom in the rear seats, making this a great smaller car for family road trips. Plus, the trunk is large for a sedan and can fit multiple pieces of luggage. 

All-Wheel Drive

It has all-wheel drive, which is somewhat uncommon when it comes to sedans. If your family lives in a colder climate where the roads are often slick or icy, this is a great safety feature to consider.

Safety Features

Toyota is a leader in safety. The Avalon has many notable features, such as a pre-collision braking system, lane departure warning, corrective steering, self-adjusting high beams, and advanced cruise control, as well as the more standard blind-spot monitoring and rear-cross traffic alert. 

Technologically Up-To-Date

It comes with an Amazon Alexa built in, JBL speakers, USB ports, smartphone capabilities, and SiriusXM radio. 


It’s an attractive car. The Toyota Avalon has a sleek and modern look, with glossy black accents and a metallic roof. 


It’s expensive

This car can range from $35,000-$40,000- a price point more consistent with luxury sedans. 

Mediocre Gas Mileage

It has mediocre gas mileage. At 28 mpg, there are certainly other sedans that have this model beat.

Low Stance

It is positioned lower to the ground than many other sedans, making it more uncomfortable to get in and out of. This may be especially important to consider with small children, particularly when factoring in the ability to easily get them in and out of the car.

There you have it! Three top-rated family cars, and their strengths and drawbacks. We at VIP European Auto hope you find the perfect car for your family, and are always here for any interior detailing needs you may have. Call us at (480) 448- 1183 with any questions!