The Classic Car Events to See in 2018 Part 2

Engine revving and back for more classic car events? Great! So are we! Without too much preamble! Here are some more of the top classic car events to hit up across the country!


classic car eventThe Elegance at Hershey

You may have noticed a number of events include ‘elegance’ in their names, and for good reason! These are home to some of the most beautiful autos of the past. Hosted in Hershey, Pennsylvania in June, the Elegance at Hershey is a 3 day event that features, as well as its range of beautiful old autos, a vintage race. Now we’re talkin.

Charlotte AutoFair

Perhaps the world’s largest auto extravaganza, the Charlotte AutoFair runs for four days in April and again in September! Of course it has the classic cars, the merchant spaces, and auctions! This year it’ll be landing on April5th-8th and September 21-24 so put it on your calendar and get ready to head out East!

Iola Old Car Show & Swap Meet

Car shows and swap meets go hand in hand, a combination like chocolate and peanut butter. This event held in Iola, Wisconsin runs for three days in mid-July. The even has over 2,000 cars and 4,000 vendor/swap spaces. Check out the rides, pick up some historic auto memorabilia. Not a bad plan for a weekend.

Telluride Festival of Cars & Colors

One of the newest shows out there, the Telluride Festival of Cars & Color is held in beautiful Telluride, Colorado. 2018’s event will be held on September 27-30 and feature classic and vintage cars concours as well as motrocycles and even planes! Their ‘War Bird’ exhibit is on Saturday the 29th and a crazy cool addition to the traditional classic car show.

For this next one, you’ll need to book a ticket to Paris.


This French event is the classic car season opener. It’s a must-see event for any true vintage car enthusiast. This one is coming up soon, like February soon, so maybe it’s best to plan for next years now! We’ll make a mark on our 2019 calendar.

With the exception of Rétromobile, all of these events are in the great U. S. of A., and could fill up any car enthusiasts calendar. There are thousands more of amazing local, state, and regional shows that we all should make time for. It’s those smaller events that keep the passion alive for so many. With all of these on the horizon, 2018 is already looking like a great year.