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The Best Ways to Protect Your Car’s Leather Interior

Leather is arguably one of the most visually pleasing car interiors out there. From the feel to the smell, there is just nothing that can top a leather interior. Unfortunately, it costs quite a bit of effort to keep it looking and smelling fresh. Clean leather immediately boosts your enjoyment and the perceived value of the car. You’ll love driving it and being in it. 

When it comes to a leather interior, you can fix a ripped seam and patch a small hole, but you can’t fix faded and crack material without replacing it entirely. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent the damage. This kind of damage can be so unsightly that it ruins your love for your car. 

So let’s prevent that from happening with these tips. 

For those who prefer a quick glance, the easiest ways to prevent damage to leather interiors are:

  • Leave Your Car Windows Slightly Open Or Cracked
  • Using Seat Covers
  • Install Solar-Powered Fans 
  • Use Your Car AC 
  • Park Your Car In A Shaded Area
  • Use Windshield Sun Shade Or Window Visor
  • Install Tinted Windows 
  • Throw Blankets Over Your Seats

Avoid Direct Sunlight at All Costs

There is nothing more damaging than the sun. Why? Because leather is a lot like your skin. It will turn a different shade, peel, and crack if exposed to too much. Granted, it won’t turn red like our skin does, but it will lose its luster. Black leather will turn gray, white will start to yellow, and brown will become dull. 

Dried out leather is very susceptible to cracking too. Nothing dries leather faster than the natural elements, so don’t leave it baking in the sun. 

Park in the garage or under a covered parking space. When parking at work, find the shade. Do everything you can to prevent as much sunlight as possible from hitting your leather interior. 

Get Covered

Putting in seat covers will work in two ways. The cover will protect the seats from damaging sunlight and they absorb less heat so when you return to your car you won’t be burned on that hot leather.

Car seat covers come with different features today. There are car seats that are ventilated. These types of car seats are made of porous materials that allow your body to easily breath and make you feel cooler and less sweaty. Some other car seat covers are made with wooden beads that help to naturally keep your body cool as they tend to promote good airflow. These are the greatest for leather, especially if they have larger spaces between the beading. 

You can also invest in a windshield sun cover. It will sit on your dashboard and block all incoming light. Easy set up and easy to take down, plus it keeps your car interior cooler! 

Window Tinting

Every Arizonian knows the importances of tinting their windows. Not only does it help keep out the summer heat, it blocks harmful UV rays from the sun. However, different states and municipalities have different laws surrounding window tinting. Make sure you read up on them before you make an appointment. 

Clean Leather Interiors are Happy Leather Interiors

Heat and light aren’t the only things that can damage your seats, leather or otherwise. Debris, dirt, grime, food are huge culprits. Though it’s hard to stain leather, it is very possible to leave a last smell or impression on the seat, especially if something is cooked onto it. 

Point blank: anything left on your seat during the summer in Arizona can melt or cook onto it, doing lasting damage and becoming so ingrained in the fabric and surface that there is no cleaning it. 

Be sure to clear off your seats before you leave the car. 

The seats aren’t the only spots needing cleaning too! Make sure you swap out the floor mats if they’ve been used and abused and clean that carpet!

Crack Open a Window

In the event you cannot find any shade in a parking lot, you should leave the window slightly open. This helps equalize the air pressure within your vehicle and keeps it cooler so it’s not (as much of) an oven inside. 

If your vehicle has seen a few too many summers as is, don’t hesitate to reach out to the interior experts here at VIP! We can get your leather refreshed and your carpets looking (and better yet smelling) brand new!