The Best Roads (Part 3)

Alright, here we are about to make the final bend in our first journey across the roads, highways, and trails our great nation has to offer. Here are a handful more excellent roads that prove it is not always about the destination, it is about the journey.

Trail Ridge Road, Colorado

This is the highest (in elevation) continually paved road in the United States! Hanging out up at 12,183 feet the Trail Ridge Road winds through the Rocky Mountains National Park. As you drive higher than the tree line, you’ll get views of bighorn sheep, deer, and elk.

Going to the Sun Road, Montana

Another roadway that exists along the spine of the Rockies, this road goes through Glacier National Park, and the snow capped peaks and meadows. This road is only open from May to October, lest the snows trap folks, so now is the perfect time to go!

Alaska Route 8, Alaska

Known by its much better name, The Denali Highway, Alaska Route 8 runs amidst some of America’s least touched wilderness. It runs 135 miles between Parks Highways and Richardson and isn’t bogged down by rest stops or much else for that matter. Also only open May to October to avoid the Alaskan Winters. This road isn’t the best paved though, in fact, it is mostly unpaved and rough, but the humps and bumps can offer a different time of fun for thrill seekers.

Road to Hana, Hawaii

This 68 mile length of weaving roads along the Hawaiian coast provides vertigo inducing views, narrow bridges, and waterfalls at every turn. If you’re looking for a thrilling set of twists (and in paradise no less!) then here is the place to look.

Highway 101, Oregon

Thanks to nature minded Oregon State; the entire coast is preserved and blissfully unobstructed. Over 300 miles of beaches, sea cliffs, and farmland, it makes for one of the most beautiful landscapes in Amaerica. And if you’re interested in looking towards, the past, pull over when you see a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Roadside attraction of the Prehistoric Gardens has 23 life sized dinos staged.

These have been but a smattering of the amazing roadways running the length of America, but hopefully, they’ve been enough for a summer of cruisin’.