The Best Roads (Part 2)

On the road again, we can’t wait to get back on the road again, and if you are here, chances are you are too. Last time we covered several of the best roads in America, from Maine all the way to California. Luckily for us all, there are loads of great blacktop to travel so here are even more of the best roads.

Route 12, Utah

Starting this weeks tour out West, this 124-mile length of road has few entrances so bring a map! But once you’re there you’ll enjoy small towns, sandstone canyons, purple sage and a road that rides the cliffs ‘The Hogback.’

U.S. 212, Montana

1000 miles and four states the U.S. 212 is a real feat. With stretches running through Yellowstone National Park this is guaranteed to be a scenic trip. Some sections are challenging with steep, switchbacks but if you can manage it, you’ll be rewarded.

Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

With a name like that this has got to be good, right? This classic highway, found on maps as U.S. 550, runs amid the San Juan Mountains, the wildest peaks in the Rockies. The name Million Dollar Highway refers to a 25 mile stretch between Ouray and Silverton filled with steep, twisting roads.

Bluebonnet Trail, Texas

From Colorado head southeast and you’ll find the Bluebonnet Trail between Austin and Houston in Texas. Especially spectacular in March through May (So get out there now!), the fields of bluebonnets and connected lakes on the Colorado River make for a heckuva sight.

Texas Tollway 130, Texas

While you’re in the Austin, why not head 15 miles south to reach the fastest highway in America, the Texas Tollway 130. This 41 miles of blacktop has a speed limit of 85 mph so get out there, and enjoy the speed for the low-low price of $6.17 for the thrill.

This piece of the Best Roads puzzle has focused on the Western U.S. to counteract just how Northeastern it was last week. But we still have plenty of blacktop ahead of us! Come back next time, and we’ll lay out even more perfect roadways for your next trip.