The Best Roads (Part 1)

What better way to spend the summer than cruising the most scenic roads in America? Yeah, we thought so. Let’s get right to it, here are some of the best, most scenic roads in America to drive.

The Airline Road (Maine)

Maine’s Route 1 running from Brunswick to Ellsworth follows the coastline snug. But just a few miles north of that, is a much more demanding option.   Over 50 miles of well paved and maintained road with high-speed turns and S-curves.

Kancamagus Highway (New Hampshire)

New Hampshire’s RT 112, specifically a 34 mile stretch, is home to some of the best, smoothest turns (8 of ‘em to be exact) the Northeast has to offer. All through miles and miles of pristine forest.

Tail of the Dragon (North Carolina)

While a famous destination for bikers, this stretch of road is 11 miles of over 300 twists and not a single intersection or driveway to ruin it. Every corner is blind, and the road is narrow with shoulders that either faces mountains or drop off them. Mistakes here are not easily forgiven.

US 1 (Florida Keys)

Going the opposite speed for a moment, this 120 mile long island chain will take you through a paradise of water ways, lonely lighthouses, and beach bars. Much less demanding than the Dragon’s tail, but it does have one of the longest bridges in the world with the 7 Mile Bridge.

17-Mile Drive (California)

For something a bit closer to home, check out this (misnamed) 10 miles of private strip. It runs from the towns of  Carmel to Pacific Grove, through the Del Monte forests. There is a $9 entry fee to use the road, but the sunsets over the Pacific are worth the price.

We’ll stop there for this weeks portion of the Best Roads. This is clearly going to be an ongoing series so come on back next week where we’ll go over a few more great motorways the U.S. has to offer, from great vistas to challenging drives we will cover all types.