Summerfy Your Ride

Here at VIP Interiors, repairing and reupholstering your vehicles is our bread and butter, it literally puts food on the table for us. But that doesn’t mean we want to see interiors or exteriors being destroyed by the sun. To combat that, here are some tips to keep your car in its best condition for as long as possible, especially during these sweltering summer months (seriously, what happened to that weather we had for like two weeks… sheesh.)

  • Wax Good, Sun Bad
    • Wax acts as a protective layer from the sun and elements for your car’s paint. Wash up your ride and put a coat of wax on there to keep your car looking great.
  • Throw Some Shade
    • No brainer? Well yeah. Avoiding extreme heat and sunlight can keep your car’s interior temperature lower which will keep the interior from deteriorating or fading.
    • This includes getting a sunshade for your windshield. Keep your steering wheel, console, and dashboard well defended and they’ll reward you with years of good looks.
    • Tinting your windows (but keeping them within the law) can be another way to block the sun from messing up your interiors.
    • A cover can serve you well if your work or home lacks a garage or carport. Not only will it protect from sun, you can use it year-round to deflect poor weather. Not a bad investment if you ask us.
  • Crack ‘em Open
    • Keeping windows cracked just a hair can be a world of difference between cooking your interiors and letting that heat escape to drop just a smidge. Be smart about this one of course, if you leave the window too open your interiors might be the least of your concerns.

These have been just a few tips to help your ride survive another summer of heat and sun blasts. If you have any lingering problems or the summer doesn’t treat it right, you know who to call!