Summer Maintenance (Part 2)

Back for more summer maintenance tips? Well we got plenty more helpful mechanical know-how that you can implement yourself, or get the experienced hand of a mechanic, to ensure your ride doesn’t end up overheating or otherwise throwing you for a loop. Let’s get into it!

Brake Check!

The single most important feature on your car when it comes to safety, your brakes! This isn’t even really a summer check-up thing, but get it done. Any problem is much less costly when addressed earlier than later. Especially when later can mean post-accident.

Coolant Cool? Radiator Rad?

It’s the summer, the heat is going to be taking a toll on your vehicle. Luckily, given that cars are made to run hot, it comes built with a number of components to combat that. Make sure your coolant is topped off and your radiator is working correctly, otherwise parts can melt, deform, or even fuse together causing loads of troubles.

Batten Down the Hatch- Er, the Battery

The summer is especially tough on batteries. The heat accelerates the chemical reactions housed inside the battery which can then overcharge it, drastically reducing battery life. Remove the cables and wipe off the terminals regularly. As always, make sure your battery is secured and all connections are tight.

Air Conditioning Condition

In the summer, this component always feels like the most important. Your tires could be falling off, the wipers dry and cracked, and the lights off, so long as that sweet AC is blowing cool air. Well, don’t let your car get into that kind of shape, but to keep the AC pumping right make sure the refrigerant levels are maintained. If they get too low, leaks and other problems can afflict the system. ACs are complex so this may pay to have a professional look at after you have ensured the levels are cool.

We hope the next few months of summer aren’t too awful for you, and your ride makes it through without any damage. Until next time, may you’re AC blow the chilliest of air!