Smart Ways of Keeping Your Automobile Upholstery Looking Great

Whether you plan on selling your vehicle or simply wish to maintain it in the best condition possible, it is important to properly care for its upholstery. For example, car mats can actually have a big impact on the overall look and appearance of any vehicle. One of the best ways to ensure that car mats look great year-round is to simply wax them with a commonly available type of liquid type shoe polish.

Indentations In Carpeting

This is a surprisingly easy way to greatly enhance the overall look of any treasured vehicle. In addition, there are many instances where heavy items such as sporting equipment or even business supplies will cause indentations in automobile carpeting. One of the easiest ways to address this problem is to simply apply a damp cloth over the spot and press lightly using an iron that has been set to low. Amazingly, the carpet indentation will disappear as the cotton cloth dries. Exercise caution when doing this because a hot iron left in one spot for too long can actually melt synthetic fibers.

Applied To The Carpeting

Equally impressive is a very easy way to actually remove static electricity from automobile carpeting. A little known and highly effective method involves simply spraying a combination of one part liquid fabric softener with five parts of water. This is then applied to the carpeting and allowed to dry. Almost immediately, static electricity will disappear from your automobile carpeting. One tip that is highly recommended by professionals is to vacuum your automobile carpeting frequently. This helps to lift fibers and remove dirt. As with vacuuming at home, vacuuming automobile carpeting frequently extends its life and keeps it looking great.

Inexpensive Liquid Resin

Finally, automobile carpeting will over time eventually fray or become separated at the edges. If this happens there is an easy fix. Consider using a liquid resin to paint the seams of carpeting where fraying is beginning to occur. This helps to hold fibers in place and prevents the spreading of unsightly fraying. Most craft stores carry inexpensive liquid resin that can easily be used for this purpose. As an added note, undesirable foul odors can easily be removed from automobile carpeting by simply sprinkling borax on carpet and then vacuuming. Contact VIP European Auto today for the best in Phoenix automobile upholstery repair services.