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Should I Change the Car Interior Color of My Vintage Vehicle?

Welcome back to another entry on the VIP European Auto blog! If you are looking to refresh the interior of your vintage car, think about our interior refurbishment services or even custom upholstery work to change up that original color. Today, we are going to talk about some things to consider when toying with the idea of changing the interior color of your vintage vehicle. In addition, we will discuss refurbishment services that can serve as an alternative if you aren’t ready for such a drastic change.

Car Interior

One of the questions that almost all classic car owners ask themselves is should I change the interior or seat color from the original. In this blog, we will help give you tips on how to answer that difficult question. Obviously, we won’t be able to give suggestions for each make and model, but here are a couple general questions you can ask yourself and some tips you can follow.

Why Did You Buy the Car?

This is the first question that you should ask yourself when making the decision of whether or not you want to proceed with changing the interior color of your vintage vehicle. Did you buy this car because you have been saving all of your life for this vehicle, and it has become your show off/dream car? Or, maybe you already are a car collector and bought this vehicle as a hobby to work on in your spare time. If you plan to keep the car for a long time, and it is not a rare model, then go ahead and change the color. You only have one life so why not enjoy it! 

If you bought the car because you weren’t quite sure about it, and over time you hoped that you would grow to love it, decide early if it is worth the time and energy to change the interior of your vehicle. If you find that this would be a fun way to spend your time, then go for it! If you just are unsure about jumping into this big of a project, and find yourself hemming and hawing then you should opt to sell the car and find something that you love.

Do You Plan on Reselling This Car?

This next question is one that is really important when making the decision of whether or not you should change the interior color of your car. Your decision depends upon whether or not you plan on reselling the vehicle at some point, or if you just bought the vehicle for your own enjoyment. If you change the interior of your car to a nontraditional color that only you like and isn’t very popular with the general public, this could decrease the value of your car and decrease resale value. Some good news is that if you decide that you also want to repaint the exterior of the car, this generally does not affect the resale value and could actually help improve the car’s value. One last thing to keep in mind is that classic cars generally have colors that are more desirable than others, so painting the car an unconventional color could hurt you when trying to resell. 

Consider Our Refurbishment Services

Still not ready to make a decision or on the fence about whether you should change the interior color of the vehicle, here are some options we offer at VIP European Auto instead of changing the car interior. We install modern seats, as well as update upholstery and carpeting in classic and antique vehicles. We also help you restore seating if you wish to keep what was originally in the vehicle. For those who need custom orthopedic seating, we will help you find a company to satisfy your needs so that you can continue driving the vehicle of your dreams. Sometimes, replacing is not the right choice and may not be what you quite had in mind. That’s okay! Leave the refurbishments to the professionals and together we can create the vehicle of your dreams.


Deciding whether or not to change the interior of your vintage vehicle can at times feel overwhelming. Knowing what questions to ask yourself is a big part of the decision making process. Hopefully, this blog started you down that path. If you are looking for more specific guidance, consider talking to one of our specialists. We are always here to answer your questions and guide you in selecting the best option for your particular car and lifestyle.