Roadside Emergency Kit Redux

If you’ve been a reader of our blog for some time then you know we love summer time road trips. Each year we talk about the trips to take, stellar roads to drive, and more. We love our cars (and trucks, and Jeeps, and and and!), and this beautiful, amazing country we get to call home. There are thousands of sites and sights scattered across the country and if you jump into the driver seat with a full tank and a desire you’re going to have a great time. But! If you adequately prepare and pack your bags and car for the adventure, you’re bound to have a better, and safer time.


One of those components is a roadside emergency kit! Get equipped for any possible disaster and include these in your trunk or backseat! These run the gamut from hygiene and sanitation items, to tools, sustenance and beyond.

The Basics

Should you not have much room available these are the absolute, essential items to keep in your kit.


First Aid kit

Multipurpose tool

Jumper cables

Road flare

Bottled water

These all should, no doubt, make a lot of sense. You want a flashlight to make sure you can see what happened should it be night time. A multipurpose tool serves, well, lots of purposes! Jumper cables are one of the most frequently needed tools to get a car back on the road, batteries go out for any number of reasons. You’d be surprised how few people have them tucked in the trunk. A first aid kit can come in handy in all sorts of possible situations so keeping one close at hand is a good idea. Bottled water, because there’s no telling when help may arrive if you’re broken down on a backcountry road and staying hydrated is incredibly important!

If you can afford or have the space to include a few more, here’s what we’d recommend!


  • A tarp offers plenty of protection, whether covering your car in storms or just to provide you with some shade.

Rain Poncho

  • Should the weather be against you and you need to be out repairing a tire, or walking to get help, a rain poncho will keep you from feeling too


  • Rags are another one of those tools you never think to need. A cloth that you don’t care about can be used to clean off gunk that is giving our vehicle issues or to wipe up any messes.

Duct Tape

  • ‘Nuff said.

Baby Wipes

  • If you are stuck waiting for a while, basic baby wipes can help you get a basic cleaning, especially if you’ve been messing about in your engine.

Cat litter

  • For super slick roads, laying down cat litter can provide much-needed traction.


  • While you probably won’t need this during the Arizona summers, having your car break down somewhere cold can be disastrous! It doesn’t take long for the cold to get in and it can do some lasting harm in frostbite.

There are a ton of other possible tools to keep in your kit that get recommended by various sources. Some will suggest other things like extra brake fluid, oil, or antifreeze. It never hurts to be prepared!

When you have all of these items you want to store them in a way that they are easy to find and get to. Think of a clear, plastic container or bag and you’re on the right track! Keep this tucked in the trunk or under your back seat where it is out of the way. If you have a truck or a hatchback, look into securing the kit with bungie cords or ties.