Protect Your Car’s Upholstery During Holiday Travel

The holidays are around the corner and that means loading up your car with presents, your famous potato salad, cakes and pies, and more. That last thing you want is to worry about scratching the interior of your trunk to staining your vehicle’s upholstery. If your vehicle’s interior is already in a state of distress, consider getting it repaired before taking it over to the in-laws’ home. 

VIP European Auto can handle all of your upholstery repair needs, from carpet replacement, seat repairs and custom upholstery. 

Protect Your Car’s Upholstery

A majority of people get their car washed on a regular basis, but the interior is often overlooked. Car upholstery requires proper maintenance and protection to keep it looking like new. With the coming holidays, be sure to take steps to protect your vehicle from accidental food and drink spills and scratches. 

Before you put your award-winning casserole dish into your car, be sure the lid is secured. You can secure the lid further by placing two rubber bands around the outside near the handles.

For short and easy trips, place an old shirt or a towel under the dish or have your passenger securely hold food items. 

For longer trips or ones with winding roads, place your home cooked food into a box or laundry basket. Secure the carrier either on the floor in front of your back seats or in your trunk. Surround the dish with towels on the bottom and sides. Avoid placing it on top of the seat. Even if it is secured by a seatbelt, as it can still slide around or leak onto the upholstery. 

If you have sturdy insulated cases, bags, or coolers, these are perfect for transporting holiday meals.

If you can avoid it, don’t transport hot dishes to avoid burns and sweat marks. Hot food is also often less solidified and more prone to moving around in the dish. If you’re going to a family member’s home or a friend’s house, ask if you can use their oven to heat up your casserole upon arrival. 

If you’re travelling with a slow cooker, use bungee cords to anchor it to the car’s floor or trunk. Place towels under it and secure the top before travelling. 

Pies and cakes are easy – purchase tin foil to cover the entire pie, leave it unopened in the box or get a cake container with a secure lid. 

Prevent Scratches Inside Your Car

Transporting gifts comes with the hazard of the boxes or heavier items scratching your car’s interior or scraping the upholstery as it slides around. Make sure everything is secure and won’t shift around before pulling out of your driveway. 

Protect your car’s interior before filling it to the brim. Scotchgard Auto Fabric & Carpet Protector will not only make your car feel like new, but it will protect it. Scotchgard can be applied to anywhere in your car that isn’t glass, plastic or leather. It works by creating an invisible barrier on the top of fabrics and carpets that prevents stains, dirt or moisture from penetrating it. 

Protecting the interior panels of your vehicle is as easy as putting a soft buffer, such as an old pillow or towel, between your car and what you’re transporting. Securing the load with the buffer in place will ensure nothing scratches or rubs against your car’s interior while the car is in motion. 

When driving, take turns slowly and try to avoid harsh stops. Drive carefully to help prevent anything that isn’t tied down from moving. 

Repairing Your Car’s Upholstery

In most cases, a spill can be cleaned and treated before it leaves permanent damage or a lasting smell. There is a myriad of cleaners for the interior of your car, so research the best carpet cleaners of 2019 to make sure you meet your vehicle’s needs. 

If you notice a small fissure or fray in your carpet after pulling out a heavy gift box from the back of your car, you may be able to fix it yourself. If your carpet is uniformly colored, find matching fibers and use a glue gun or appropriate adhesive materials to patch the damage. Take your time with the process and be meticulous.

If you’re uncomfortable with fixing the damage yourself, you can prevent  the tear from getting worse by protecting it with a mat or by glueing down the edges of the fray to prevent it from elongating. Carpet tape is also an option. 

If something does happen on the drive that you can’t clean out, it can be a hassle to repair. Replacing carpeting can be demanding and often requires professionals who routinely do this type of work. VIP European Auto has you covered. We can update your car’s upholstery and install new carpeting. 

VIP European Auto works with leather to vinyl and other materials and does custom work to meet your vehicle’s specific needs. 

Get a free estimate to see how VIP European Auto can gobble up that carpet stained by last year’s turkey and make your car feel like new.