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Porsche: Interiors, Exteriors, the History and Beyond

Here at VIP European Auto Interiors, we get the chance to do a lot of magnificent work. From standard repair work to full-blown custom jobs. One of the brands of vehicles we have had the immense good fortune to work on is the Porsche. Interiors of this ride are just like every other part. Fine-tuned, precision German engineering. We do our best to improve whenever we step up to the plate and try our hands at a custom interior in a Porsche. We are fans of the brand. The range of quality vehicles Porsche puts out has always delighted us, they are often topping the charts on dream cars, they are a helluva lot of fun to tear around town. To them, we dedicate this blog.

Porsche as a brand was founded back in 1931 in Stuttgart, Germany. Originally, they did not build any motor vehicles themselves, instead delivering consulting and development work. Including designing vehicles for the German government.

As the Second World War erupted across the globe, Porsche consulted on and did designs for tanks for the German army but unfortunately for them lost out to rival Henschel & Son who would go on to

Following the end of the war, founder Ferdinand Porsche was imprisoned for 20 months (though he was never tried for anything). During his Ferdinand’s stint in the big house, his son Ferry built his own car because he could not find one he wanted to buy. Under Ferry Porsche’s guidance Porsche created what would become their first production auto, the Porsche 356.

Over the next few decades, Porsche developed several signature features to their vehicles such as the rear-engine configuration or its use of air cooling. In 1964 they debuted the model that would see them the most success in road-car sales, in rallies, and on the race track in the 911. The model most tied to the Porsche identity. Even if you don’t know jack about cars, you have heard of the Porsche 911, and that’s a testament to their brand.

Porsche Facts

  • Porsche is pronounced like the English name Portia. This is the correct German pronunciation of the name.
  • The Porsche Logo is based on the coat of arms for the Free People’s State of Württemberg, of former Weimar Germany, where Stuttgart sat as capitol.
  • The Volkswagen Beetle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche for the German government. This was one of their first assignments.
  • A 2011 Canadian study found that of the Porsches made in the last 25 years (1986 – 2011) over 97% were still on the road.
  • In May of this year (2017) Porsche built their one millionth 911.

Porsche has made some of the finest motor vehicles to grace the face of the planet. They were awarded the title of ‘most prestigious automobile brand’ by the Luxury Institute. They’re slick, elegant, amazing rides, and undeniable markers of success. If you are driving a Porsche, you know you have made it, and everyone else does too.