New Year, New Custom Car Interior

It’s about time you treated yourself and started the new year off on a high note. Consider bringing in your car to VIP European Auto to gift yourself a new fully customized car interior. 

Getting your car wrapped, tinting your windows or restoring the convertible top of your 1962 Chevy Impala all make a drastic difference to the exterior appearance of your car, but when you open the door, what makes your vehicle stand out from the rest?

Let experienced professionals polish off the look with a new interior. Past jobs completed by our staff at VIP European Auto includes custom redesigned Porsche seats, a complete interior renovation of a 1940 Ford Convertible, and a handmade 1957 Mercedes 300SL dashboard. 

All of our recently completely jobs can be found on our website. 

Why Customize your Car’s Interior

Customizing your vehicle makes it yours. The exterior is everything you want it to be and showing the same love to the interior of your car is just as big of a reflection of yourself. 

Some custom interiors add value to your car. Changing out your seats for vinyl or leather creates a look that stands the test of time and is easier to maintain. If cloth seats are more your style, then stick to nylon or polyester, as both are durable and relatively easy to take care of. 

Custom carpet can add a new level of depth to your car. Consider changing the material or the color to best fit yours and your vehicle’s needs. 

Installing custom rugs and a new sound system can improve your vehicle’s value as well. 

If you’re less into increasing your car’s worth and more into making it aesthetically pleasing for your own taste, then the world is your oyster. 

Convertible Top and Custom Headliners

Look up. The top of the car’s interior is often the most overlooked or it can be taken off and ignored completely. Convertible tops often need replacing every 3-6 years, so consider changing up your next one by adding retro fabric or better insulation to reduce road noise. 

If your car has a permanent top, freshening up the look with a new color or material can make the car feel larger and cleaner on the inside. Some car owners even install LED lights on the headliners to add extra flair. 

Custom Car Seats

Fully customize your seats instead of covering up what you don’t like with seat covers. Everything about your seat can be changed. From the style, material, shape, and stitching, make it your backside and eyes happy. 

You don’t need to own a vintage automobile to enjoy custom seating. It’s available for most car makes and models. 

Dual-tone seats are popular for making statements and are typically done with black and a pop of color.. 

Single-tone light creams or whites are popular in older cars or for making your vehicle feel more open and luxurious. As an added bonus, the light colors stay cooler in the Arizona heat. 

If you’re not wanting to make a huge statement, but still want a pop of color, consider a black and white/cream color seats with colored stitching. 

We recently customized and redesigned Porsche seats using the seats from another Porsche with the original seat heaters and lumbar supports. The seats were custom cut and fit in burgundy leather. 

Custom Door Panel

Another often overlooked piece of your car are the door panels. They’re practical and need to be easy to maintain as they’re often one of the first parts of your car interior to get dirty from hand prints, foot prints or storage. But straying from the traditional can add a level of depth to your car interior that it was previous missing. 

Two colors in a door panel, such as a lighter tone on the interior portion under the handle, adds life to the vehicle without taking away the functionality. 

For older and sportier cars, customizing this part of your car is a must. Door panels blend the exterior and interior together by using the car’s paint color and mixing it with the primary seat color. It completes the look of the car and gives it a more authentic feel. 

Our staff at VIP European Auto’s completely customized the interior of a 1940 Ford Convertible. The door panels are now dual-toned in cream and burgundy, the dash matches the deep red and the seats brighten the interior in a light cream tone, making this car one-of-a-kind. 

Custom Dashboards and Steering Wheels

Some prefer the standard black look, as it keeps the dashboard looking clean despite the constant contact with your hands. If you want to spice up your dashboard and steering wheel, you have a few options. 

In older cars, it’s popular to match the dash to the exterior paint color. In some cases, a custom dashboard needs to be handmade to fit your car’s needs. 

Our staff took on the task of hand stretching a leather dashboard on a 1957 Mercedes 300SL. The leather was applied directly to the metal and was time consuming, but the end result brought new life to the vehicle.

The steering wheel can be customized as well. Bright colors, designs or new stitching can make this essential part of your vehicle stand out. We hand stitched a bright orange steering wheel for a Porsche 911 to replace the old one. This process takes time and precision, but it is worth it to add flair to your car’s interior.


It’s been a long year and you deserve to treat yourself. You spend, on average, an hour in your car every day, so why not enjoy the interior as much as the exterior? 

New seats can support your back, bottom and posture while being functional and aesthetically pleasing. Custom door panels add a level of depth that helps break away from the mundane single-tone interiors you see in most cars today. Or if your commute is filled with traffic and gripping your steering wheel is wearing you down, change the color, the padding and the shape to fit your needs. 

Whatever you’re looking for with custom car interiors, our staff at VIP European Auto has you covered. Get your free estimate today to see how easy it is to love the interior of your car.