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New Year, New Custom Car Interior Pt. 2

It’s that time of year again: the time to think of next year! Let’s face it: 2020 wasn’t exactly what most of us wanted it to be. So let’s take the time to give ourselves the TLC we deserve by investing in our favorite pastimes. If you love cars as much as we do, you deserve to treat yourself with a custom car interior this year. 

Here are some ideas. 

The Best Car Interior of 2020

If you want to emulate the best car interior of 2020, then you have to know what makes the best, the best. 

The widely accepted best car interior is the 2020 Mazda CX-5. Sure it isn’t the most modern vehicle in Mazda’s lineup, but the CX-5 still feels downright luxurious. In addition to upscale design and plush leather seats, the CX-5 excels at the little things. The windows are all one-touch up and down, and the button for the hazard lights is unbelievably precise.

If the Mazda isn’t your style, then perhaps you’ll like the 2020 Ram 1500. In redesigning its line of full-size trucks for 2019, Ram prioritized interior design and comfort. 

While all full-size trucks can be had with premium leather seating and high-end audio systems, Ram focused on the little things when it comes to its new truck interior. The capstone is the available 12-in infotainment screen, which can display both a smartphone interface and the truck’s native infotainment software at the same time. It’s pretty slick. 

Upgrade to Leather

Leather interior fits any car model and looks especially stylish in modern vehicles. It’s luxurious look and feel puts it on top of every other car interior material available. Your behind, back, and shoulders will love sinking into your new soft seats and you’ll love running your fingers over the smooth finish and custom stitching. 

It’s more than just feel too. Think of having a new car smell once again with new leather installed — and this time, the smell will last with proper care!  

Not to mention leather is very durable when properly maintained and has amazing resale value. It is stain resistant and is easy to clean, though you will want to keep some leather conditioner on hand after you wet the material. Real leather can last up to 20 years and acquires a sophisticated aged look over time. Also, to compliment the durability, real leather is also easy to clean and wipes off most messes without staining. 

If you’re not a fan of real leather, you can opt for faux leather, top grain, brushed, or Nappa leather alternatives. 

The cons of leather are quite slim too, but we’ll mention them anyway so you’re prepared to make an informed decision. Leather is one of the most expensive interior materials you can get. It’s worth the price in looks and feel alone, but is not fit for all budgets. It’s also not very good at staying warm or cold, meaning it will heat up quickly in the summer and be frigid in the winter. 

Leather can crack if it’s not properly taken care of as well. So if you intend to install leather seats, make sure you keep them clean, dry, and conditioned

Why Upgrade your Steering Wheel?

Steering wheels are one of the most well-used parts of your car. It is the most prone to cuts, scraps, and wear and tear. Sometimes these can be a nuisance so we buy a nice steering wheel cover, but that’s not enough to make an impact on the car’s interior. If our steering wheel is old enough to get banged up like that, or if you just don’t like the look or feel of it anymore, it’s time to have the whole thing replaced.

A steering wheel is fairly quick to customize, though it requires a trained eye and steady hand to make each stitch perfect. At VIP European Auto Interiors, our technicians expertly take off your steering wheel and remove all of the material around the handle. We then work to make your customized steering wheel exactly how you want it. 

Take our recent renovation on a Tesla Model X for example. Our client wanted their all black steering wheel to match their car’s interior, which was white with black accents. We happily delivered. 

A steering wheel is fairly quick to customize, though it requires a trained eye and steady hand to make each stitch perfect. We first take off the steering wheel and remove all of the material around the handle. We then worked to create a custom white and black pattern for the wheel, before installing it. 

Every cut and every stitch was made by hand, so our expert mechanics took our time to ensure our hands were steady and our measurements were correct. Once done, we carefully reinstalled the wheel. And just like that, our client had an interior that matched, from steering wheel to seats.

If you’re interested in interior renovations for your custom car, give us a call. We work on all makes and models so you’re happy with your vehicle.