New Year, New Adventures—Places to See Near Phoenix


Welcome back to the VIP Interiors Blog! We have recently started a fresh start to a new year which means different adventures to look forward to! Even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to spend vacationing somewhere far away, there are many places near Phoenix to check out. If traveling around Arizona is on your mind at all, this blog offers some suggestions of sites to see on your journey. So, let’s get you ready to hop in your convertible, put the top down, and hit the road this year!

Adventures Await — Places Near Phoenix That are a Must!


North Phoenix


Ever wanted to soar high in the sky in a hot air balloon? Whether you’re with that special someone or a group of friends, this is certainly one fun venture to have in the Phoenix area. With a speedy drive just up the road a bit to North Phoenix, you have the opportunity to check this off your bucket list.


There are a couple different flights to choose from, but all include an astonishing view of the Phoenix desert from above. Because of the jaw-dropping views and enjoyable company, this is something you’ll never forget.  These rides are a really special experience and located nearby… you can’t beat that! For more information on this, check out their website.


Apache Trail


It’s time to travel back in time… no time machine needed, just your car! Reentering the past is always interesting to see the many changes that have occurred over the years. We live in such a high-paced environment where technology is constantly changing and there’s nonstop growth. Sometimes it is easy forget what the old times were like without all of the advantages we have in modern day.


In Apache Junction, just a couple hours away, you have the chance to visit the Ghost Town of Goldfield. Once a place that was lively in the mining business, is now an empty town that holds moments from long-ago. You can go on a steamboat cruise of Canyon Lake and appreciate the stunning scenery as well as gain knowledge about what life used to be like in this small town. To learn more about this little historic place, take a glimpse here.




Quick day road trips are always a fun time! Sedona is a short drive located about two hours away from Phoenix. Here, you will be able to see amazing landscapes of Arizona’s desert that seem almost unreal. Surrounding yourself amongst the beautiful red rocks allows you to escape the hustling and bustling of the city life and breathe a little fresh air in nature.


You can do anything from shopping in little mom-and-pop boutiques to adventuring on the notorious pink Jeep tours. Since it isn’t too far away, you can zoom there and back in your car in just a day. Take the time out of your busy life to go see something that reminds you of the natural beauty in the world around you!


Grand Canyon


Arizona is an absolutely remarkable state to live in. One of its most well known landmarks is the Grand Canyon National Park. The name alone depicts how amazing and “grand” it truly is. Because of the vast size, it can be daunting to figure out exactly where to visit.


Not to fret, there are definitely ways for you to really see it all. You can jump in your vehicle and drive a few hours from the city to the south end of the park and take a helicopter ride all throughout to fully see its enormity. Once there, you can go “glamping” and have a weekend getaway from the usual routine. Plan a time with some friends or family and have some fun up close with nature. Click here if you want to schedule a time to go!



All in all, Phoenix is a great place to be located due to all the adventures that await not too far away. It is incredible the sites you will see just by hopping in your car and going. Indeed, it is understood that life is busy; however never forget to take a moment to do those fun things you always say you want to! Spend time with good company, make new memories, and live life to it’s fullest this year. The places near Phoenix are calling your name for new journeys! Get in your car, turn on some tunes, and head on out to explore… you won’t regret it!