Intro to Automotive Upholstery

Here at VIP Interiors, automotive upholstery is our bread and butter. Repairing it, installing it, you name it we live and breathe it. That could be laying out new carpet inside antique vehicles or repairing a soft top convertible with a tear. The world of automotive upholstery is wider than most might realize. That’s what we are here to talk about this time on the blog.

automotive upholsteryUpholstery

Upholstery is the trade of making stuff comfortable. Adding seats, padding, springs, fabric, webbing, covers, etc. to furniture. As long has man has been crafting furniture there has been, just behind him, upholsters. Look back to the first person to throw a hide over a bench, that’s an upholsterer!

The materials and tools may have advanced but the principles remain the same. The very basics of upholstery is close to the other trades, measure twice (or a whole bunch more) and cut once. So long as you understand that, you can, using a wide variety of materials, fabrics, webbing and more do basic upholstery jobs.

Of course, this all doesn’t  have to be to make it comfortable, maybe just more stylish, but if it doesn’t feel good to sit on what’s the point huh?

Upholstery isn’t just relegated to the domestic. It’s applicable to airplane and boat furniture, or our personal favorite…

Automotive Upholstery

There’s a few other names for us in this biz. Trimmer or motor trimmer are both common names for it. In addition to being trained in upholstery we are also able to work with carpet in vehicles.  We use our chalk, needles, regulator, hammer, stretchers, all sorts of gear to get into the metal, plastic, and fiberglass frameworks and get the insides cozy and ready for comfortable driving.

It used to be that auto manufacturers sent these empty husks to other businesses where they’d add the body and then trimmers would get to work.

Nowadays that’s all moved mostly in-house but there still comes a time when people need the folks like us here at VIP Interiors!

When You Need Professionals

Of course, there are some jobs that you can handle yourself. Small cleanups, maybe even basic tears. We would never look to take away the joy and pride of car ownership that comes with making your own repairs and upkeep. But, occasionally the job calls for sterner stuff.

You’d call on us here at VIP Interiors if you ever find your carpets too dirty to handle, the seat’s leather took a beating or your latest camping trip did more damage than you thought. Tears, dirt, complete replacements, you name it we can handle it. We’ve been doing it for years and fine auto interiors, carpets, and upholstery are our passion.

If you are searching for an auto upholstery repair shop near you, and you’re in the Phoenix area? Well look no further. It’s what we do. It’s what we love. It’s what we’re great at. Get a free estimate today, or give us a call and together we can start piecing together your sweet new upholstery.