1974 porsche 911s

Interior Renovations on a 1974 Porsche 911S

Every car enthusiast knows their name: Porsche. In the age where many competitors have been absorbed into larger manufacturers, Porsche withstood the test of time. Beginning in the late 1940s with 200 employees, Porsche has since grown into an independent maker of high-performance sports cars that are coveted by millions. Here at VIP European Auto, we had the pleasure of restoring part of the interior for a staple in the sports car industry: a 1974 Porsche 911S. 

A Look At The Porsche 911S

The Porsche 911S is iconic. Praised as one of the best transitions to the industry’s new safety standards, the 911S doesn’t compromise style for safety. 

It’s large aluminum impact bumpers are integrated into the body with redesigned fenders and the front hood always turns heads. The 911S features rubber bellows that filled gaps and collapsed during impacts at 5 miles per hour or faster. Shock absorbers and rubber bumper pads completed the change and allowed the vehicle to be sold in the United States.

Design-wise, the front hood was shortened and a reflector with the Porsche name filled the gap in the rear. 

As expected from a Porsche sports car, it is not lacking in power under the hood. The traditional 911 gave 150 horsepower, while the 911S raced in at 175. 

History of the 911S

The 911S came off the production line just 3 years after the original 911. The selling points were the safety features, the longer wheelbase, higher horsepower, tougher bumpers, and a robust engine. It was discontinued after 1977.

It was well made and more durable and more practical than any sports car on the market of comparable performance at the time. The 911S even had rear seats for children and luggage space, so it was the best sports car of the time that appealed to families. 

And for those looking to have fun? The 911S had a turbo for any experienced driver looking for the ultimate experience. 

Reinvigorating the Interior of a 911S

Our technicians at VIP European Auto were ecstatic to both see and have the chance to work on an authentic 1974 Porsche 911S. The client wanted to keep it as close to the original as possible: original seating and patina were a must. The goal is to repair and reinvigorate what we can, while creating something usable that still looks worn. 

Because of this, we’re not just replacing the leather and calling it good. No, our team of expert technicians is doing so much more and putting time and meticulous effort into every seat in the car. Our process will remove the entire material from the seat. From there, we will create a custom leather backing and carefully install it onto the seat. Then we will replace the material on the seat frame itself. This way, the 911S will retain its original look, original seat shape, and material, while adding repairs and changes to limit damage and give the iconic beauty new life. 

We’re still hard at work, but once done, this sports car will shine. And, as a bonus, once complete, this 911S will have more value than an original with low mileage. 

Here is a photo of the seat removed from the 911S. 

Pros of Leather Car Seats

Besides looking timeless, leather seats are a clear favorite for many car owners. They provide a classy look that is hard to stain, easy to clean, and comfortable (especially in cooler climates). Leather is naturally resistant to dirt and liquid stains, and can be easily wiped down when they do get dirty. 

Looking to Reinvigorate Your Car? 

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your car, we can help. Our expert technicians take pride in everything we do: we vow that every project will be done with the integrity of your car in mind. We know that every detail matters, so we make every stitch count. 

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