2019 Tesla Model X

Interior Renovation: 2019 Tesla Model X

Tesla is the world’s leader in electric vehicles: from innovating the concept, to making it more accessible and road friendly with the nationwide installation of supercharging stations, and adding in auto-pilot capabilities, there’s no doubt the marvels of engineering have captured the attention and hearts of Americans everywhere. No matter what you think of the company or its chairman, there is no denying that Tesla is driving innovation forward. 

Here at VIP European Auto Interiors, we had the delight of working on a 2019 Tesla Model X. It was a light interior renovation — we customized the steering wheel and outfitted it in sleek colors to match the interior. We wanted to go over our work on the car, as well as highlight the ingenuity that went into the Tesla Model X.

A Brief History of Tesla

Tesla is a new car company in the eyes of the industry. It was founded in 2003 under the name Tesla Motors by the engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in San Carlos, California. Many people believe Elon Musk was the founder of the company, but he did not join until 2004. After donating $30M, Musk became the Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

The company is named after the inventor Nikola Tesla, who was best known for discovering the properties of rotating electromagnetic fields. His work led to what is known as “alternating current,” the form of electrical transmission still used today.

Originally, Eberhard and Tarpenning dreamed of building an entirely electric sports car. This dream began when they unveiled the prototype for their Tesla Roadster in 2006. It entered production in 2008. You may best recognize this car as the one Elon Musk launched into orbit

The Roadster is more special than that, though. It is the first entirely electric car with specifications that meet consumer needs. It has a battery that is powerful enough to keep the vehicle on the road, and the motoro is strong enough to accelerate to highway speed without assistance. The first model (produced in 2008) could travel almost 250 miles on a single battery, with an acceleration and top speed comparable to many consumer-level sports cars. 

The drawback was the price. Coming in just over $100,000, the Roadster was not built to be a family-friendly car. It would also require 24-48 hours of charging on a standard home outlet, which is less than ideal for most daily drivers. 

Tesla learned from the Roadster and began to develop vehicles that were more accessible and daily driver friendly. Enter 2008, when Tesla announced the Model S sedan, which went into production in 2012. 

And in 2012, the model X was announced. It went into production in 2015. 

After that? The Model 3, which was the first car aimed at the mass market with a more affordable price tag of $40-60K. 

But Tesla wasn’t satisfied with making cars. So in 2019, they unveiled with “Cybertruck,” an electric six-seater pickup truck. Musk later claims that Tesla has gotten 250,000 orders for the Cybertruck, but time will tell how well this truck sells. 

As mentioned above, we were lucky enough to work on the iconic Model X. Let’s take a closer look at it. 

2019 Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is a feat of engineering. Under the hood, it has an estimated 351 mile range, can recharged up to 142 miles in 15 minutes at any Supercharger, is all-wheel-drive, and can go 0-60mph in 2.6 seconds, which makes it the quickest SUV on Earth.

While all of that is impressive, that’s only the cherry on top of the electric sundae. The Tesla Model X is built around the driver and its passengers (the model 7 can fit seven people). The interior features a huge touchscreen, faux leather wraps, a windshield/glass roof runs seamlessly from the base of the hood for a nearly uninterrupted view of what’s ahead and what’s above. 

And let’s not forget autopilot. Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving mode uses several cameras, multiple sensors, and radars to detect objects, people, and other vehicles and uses them to steer the Model X down the road under its own power. 

VIP’s Interior Renovation of a Model X

We didn’t do anything drastic to the Model X, but every little detail counts in a car that is as sleek as the Model X. Our client wanted their all black steering wheel to match their car’s interior, which was white with black accents. We happily delivered. 

A steering wheel is fairly quick to customize, though it requires a trained eye and steady hand to make each stitch perfect. We first take off the steering wheel and remove all of the material around the handle. We then worked to create a custom white and black pattern for the wheel, before installing it. 

Every cut and every stitch was made by hand, so our expert mechanics took our time to ensure our hands were steady and our measurements were correct. Once done, we carefully reinstalled the wheel. And just like that, our client had an interior that matched, from steering wheel to seats.

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