How to Reupholster Your Worn-Out Car Seats

If you’ve had your car for a while or bought a used car, you might have some seed wear and tear you want to eliminate. For example, torn-up seats can negatively impact your reputation and ruin the feeling of enjoying your car. Also, reupholstering your worn-out car seats is tough because there are many moving parts to consider.

Please continue reading our guide to reupholstering your car seat so your interior looks brand new. We will help you scope out the job so you can determine if it’s the right project for you.

Find the Best Car Seat Upholstery for Your Car

One of the most exciting parts about starting your DIY reupholstery project is you get creative control of your car’s interior. You can pick any fabric you want for the interior of your car that will express yourself. When you take your car to a professional for an upholstery job, they’ll have significantly fewer options than you can find on your own. 

You can choose fabric designs, which type of fabric you want for your needs, and any detailed stitching you want for your car seats. Reupholstered car seats give you the chance to breathe new life into your vehicle. 

Remove Your Car Seat 

Unfortunately, if you want to do a good job reupholstering your car seats, you must remove the seat from the automobile completely. It is almost impossible to get a straightforward reupholstery job done while the seats are still in the car because you can’t hide your stitching as easily. The goal is to make your handy work look professional without hiring a pro to do the job for you. 

Take Apart Your Car Seat

After you remove the car seat from your vehicle, you need to take it apart. First, remove the headrest and the base from the main unit of the C so you can take care of the intricate details. Leaving the seat parts together will make it impossible to get into every nook and cranny while you work on your sewing. 

Carefully Sew Your New Upholstery

If you’re new to sewing, you should use other fabrics to get a feel for what you’re doing before sewing your car’s upholstery. You can buy cheap fabrics from a local shop to get a feel for the job before working on your expensive materials. It would be best to get a few hours of handiwork in if you’re a beginner before attempting to do your car’s interior. 

While sewing your vehicle’s interior fabric, take time with your stitches and be precise. You will notice if you do a sloppy job or rush your work, which will bother you. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of thinking they can get used to the appearance of a sloppy sewing job and end up redoing the whole interior.

Put Your Seat Back Together

After sewing the fabric onto your seat and headrest, you must get your tools back and put everything together. Make sure you tightly screw everything back on, or else your seat could collapse while driving, which could cause a disaster. Also, don’t leave any wiggle room when you put the seat parts back together after you’ve finished upholstering the pieces. 

Securely Get Your Seat Back into Your Car

The final step you must do during your upholstery job is to put the seat back inside your vehicle. This project will take a lot of arm muscle and patience because you must ensure that everything is securely in place and tighten every bolt. Repeat this process until your entire car’s interior matches if you’re doing more than one seat. 

See a Professional to Make Things Easier

Reupholstering your car seat is a time-consuming and tedious task that many people don’t have the time or skill to do on their own. This job takes sewing skills, mechanical skills, and tons of free time to complete.

 Fortunately, you can contact us at (480) 448-1183, and we’ll discuss a time and price you can come in for us to do it for you. We will walk you through the upholstery process we use and how long the job will take so, you don’t have to go too long without your car.