How to Clean a Motorcycle the Right Way

Knowing how to properly wash your motorcycle is an important step in owning one. Having a motorcycle to clean is different than cleaning your car. You won’t be driving through a car wash for a quick suds, unless you want to become squeaky clean too! By cleaning your motorcycle correctly you not only are able to be sure all dirt and debri are off of your car, but you can also check for any structural issues that may happen over time. Below we give you a few tips on how to clean a motorcycle the right way.

1. Gather your cleaning supplies

Before you begin cleaning your motorcycle you want to be sure that all of your cleaning supplies are gathered together and ready for use. Halfway through cleaning you don’t want to forget any important supplies to require you to get the job done. When cleaning your motorcycle you want to be sure that you purchase the proper brushes, shampoos, and clothes. When selecting each supply be sure you have a specific purpose for it, such as the proper cleaner for your motorcycle and microfiber clothes being used at the very end to pick up any leftover dust or lint.

2. Set up a cleaning station

Cleaning a motorcycle is no easy task – it takes time and patience. You want to be sure you have an open space, whether it be outside or inside, where you have enough room to clean your motorcycle. Have all of your supplies nearby and ready to be used. One of the first steps to take before cleaning your motorcycle is to be sure that the bike is at a proper temperature. You want to be sure it’s at room temperature and not hot from riding around all day. You also want to avoid working in too hot of temperatures outside that may cause the engine to heat up. 

Once you have finished setting up your area and getting your bike ready to go for a wash you want to plug any exhaust pipes. This will help to prevent excessive amounts of water from getting into the exhaust pipe, and may help you clean it out while doing so!

3. Start cleaning 

Now to the fun part – how to clean your motorcycle! Before you begin you want to be sure you spray your motorcycle first to loosen any dirt particles that may be on there. You want to do your best to prevent rubbing dirt on any delicate parts of the bike so by spraying with a mix of cleaner and water this will help to loosen any build up initially. Once you rinse this off it’s time to really get the suds going. 

You want to very gently clean your motorcycle since it is a delicate automobile. Start from the top and work your way down with a gentle touch as you wash. Once you have finished cleaning and feel that you have gotten enough dirt and grime you’ll want to rinse with a hose. Avoid using a strong powered hose as this can damage the motorcycle; however, you’ll want to be thorough in getting all the soap off the bike. 

4. Waxing your bike

Once you have finished cleaning and drying your motorcycle you’ll want to wax it to be sure it stays clean. No different than using wax for a car, using wax for your motorcycle will make it shine, keep the paint fresh, and protect it from the elements. Be sure to use wax that is good for the type of paint on your motorcycle.

When taking care of your motorcycle you want to be sure you keep it clean rather often. The less dirt and grime build up the better. VIP European Auto is well versed in taking care of cars and motorcycles. If you are looking for a repair or new upholstery contact us today! We hope our tips on how to clean a motorcycle the right way helped you for your next wash.