Car Top Restore Process

Giving Your Convertible The Competitive Edge

Owning a convertible automobile is an exciting and thrilling experience that everyone should experience at one time or another in life. However, one of the keys to truly enjoying a convertible automobile, especially in the desert Southwest is to have a top that looks great and that works perfectly every time. When the cool weather arrives in the Valley of the Sun, having a convertible automobile with a top that works on command and that looks great is almost an essential requirement.

Experienced And Knowledgeable Convertible Top Repair Company

From European convertibles to domestic convertibles, either replacing or repairing a top long before the cool weather arrives ensures that convertible automobile owners get the most out of their vehicle. In addition, power mechanisms associated with the functionality of a convertible top can sometimes create problems for automobile owners. These power mechanisms can be complex and therefore require the special care and service of an experienced and knowledgeable convertible top repair company in Tempe. While there are many companies that offer this type of service in the region, one company has consistently exceeds customer’s expectations.

From Leather Repair To Seat Repair And Servicing Convertible Tops

VIP Interiors provides outstanding repair work for auto upholstery Mesa AZ automobile owners have come to expect. From leather repair to seat repair and servicing convertible tops, this is a company that gets it right every time. Convertible automobile owners looking for a wide variety of installation and repair services on both vinyl and cloth tops will be happy to know that VIP Interiors has been providing comprehensive service for convertible automobile owners for many years. Few companies in the region can compare in terms of affordable quality with regard to the installation, repair and maintenance of a wide range of convertible tops.

A Long List Of Satisfied Customers

VIP Interiors has been working on automobile interiors including the repair and replacement of convertible tops for over a quarter of a century. From minor damage to major overhauls and custom projects, VIP Interiors has every aspect of automobile interiors in sight. With a long list of satisfied customers, outstanding customer service, repeat business and referral business this is clearly the convertible top repair company Phoenix Arizona has come to know and trust. Contact, call or visit VIP Interiors today to learn more about quality auto interior work that is done right every time.