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FAQs About Convertible Top Repair

Here at VIP European Auto Interiors, convertible top repairs are our bread and butter! Doing these repair jobs for our customers’ convertible tops is one of the few services, along with things like upholstery repair, that we dedicate our craft to – and in Arizona, with so much great convertible weather, it’s important to do the job right, right away. To show our expertise on the subject, today we’re answering a bunch of frequently asked questions about convertible top repair!

FAQs About Convertible Top Repair

Can Convertible Top Be Repaired?

It sure can! The process varies a bit based on what material the convertible top is made of but the short of it is – absolutely your convertible top can be repaired.

How Do You Repair a Convertible Top?

This definitely depends on the type of convertible top we’re talking here. Hard tops for instance will need replacement, while soft tops can be repaired and refinished if the crack is minor. Yes, that’s underselling it. There’s a whole lot more that goes into every repair job and to explain it will take up more room than we have in this blog today.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Convertible Top?

That depends on the make and model of the vehicle in question! JD Power lists the average at $900-1500 but that’s a big range and with so many different vehicles and materials out there it can be tough to rely on the average to plan something out. 

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How Often Does A Convertible Top Need To Be Replaced?

Is your convertible top beyond repair? It happens! Even with proper, regular maintenance convertible tops can need replacing. On average you’re looking at a lifespan of 5-7 years. But again, that’s an average! Some materials will last longer, some convertible tops will get more use than others and need replacing faster.

Should You Store A Convertible With The Top Up Or Down?

Good question! If you’re trying to get the most out of your convertible and have it last the longest it can, should you store it top up or down? Leave the top up, but if you’re in a humid environment you might want to crack the windows a bit to help stop moisture from building up on the inside of your ride. Don’t ever store your convertible with the top down as that’s just asking for trouble! When it comes time to get your ride back out on the road, bringing your top back up after a long period down and folded can cause it to crack, rip, or stretch.

Does Rain Damage a Convertible Top?

It certainly can! Moisture from rain, snow, or just plain humidity can cause a soft convertible top to crack and peel, as well as get moldy and mildewy. Thankfully in Arizona we don’t have to worry too much about it but if you find yourself with a wet convertible top thanks to rain, when you’ve reached your destination take a beat to dry it off and clear the wetness away.

What About the Heat? Does Heat Damage Convertible Tops?

Right, so Arizona might not have as much moisture but what do we have in spades? Yeah – sunshine. That heat and the actual rays of sunlight themselves can do a number on your convertible top. The UV rays will cause your top to crack and fade, especially if you have’t been using a proper sealant on the material.

These are just a few of the more frequently asked questions we come across – far from all of them! Have a question you don’t see the answer too? Need more info about your specific top? We’re happy to help! 

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