Famous Recalls Throughout History

There is no doubt about it, cars are miracles of modern technology. Just think about it, they turn liquid gasoline into miles-per-hour. Into speed. And they do it while looking sleek, stylish, and cool unlike anything else. However, cars are not perfect. In fact, they are far from perfect. Even the most meticulously engineers automobiles can have problems with them. When those problems make a car dangerous, it has to be recalled. Today, we are going to learn about some of the most famous recalls in automobile history.

Ford Pinto

The recall of the Ford Pinto is perhaps the most famous recall in the history of the American automotive industry. The idea behind the Pinto was a good one. In the early 1970’s the United States was facing a gas crisis. Oil supplies were low due to do a struggle with overseas oil exporters. Luckily, the American auto industry had a solution. They would make a line of fuel efficient vehicles. The Ford Pinto was just such a vehicle, with small size, a light frame, and a modest engine. There was just one, slight problem. It had a habit of… exploding if it was ever lightly rear ended. This resulted in several deaths before the vehicle was recalled.

Ford Fires

It may seem like we are picking on Ford here, but that is just a coincidence. We promise. In the 1990s, Ford Motor Company there was an issue. A major issue. And unfortunately, it was not limited to any one car model because the issue was linked to their ignition switches which were featured in almost every Ford vehicle! The issue was, the ignition switches were spontaneously catching fire. This was possible even if the ignition was off and no one was in the car.