Detailing Comes Down to the Details (Part Two)

There is a lot to do when it comes to detailing a car, which is why most individuals leave it up to the professionals. However, that is not to discourage intrepid DIYers who prefer to do the job themselves. There is something very special about doing a complicated and difficult job on your own. Not only do you save money, but you are also filled with an amazing sense of accomplishment. But, you want to make sure you get the job done right! Keep following our expert guide and you will do just that.

Hand Washing is Essential

If you really want to get your car clean (and we know you do), hand washing is the ONLY way to go. While some people consider hand washing a car to be a chore, we actually find it to be a delight. There is something very unique about the tactile, personal, meditative feeling of washing your car by hand. You can also reach places and clean areas that those massive drive-through machines could never touch. Avoid using dish washing detergent, instead, invest in a specialized car wash solution to ensure you don’t strip away any protective wax coating.

Finish with Wax

Do you remember the day your car rolled off the lot? It looked incredible. The paint was bright, shiny, and new. It was also covered in a protective, clear wax coating. Over time, this wax coating wears off and fades away. Once that happens, your paint is exposed to the elements. It will start to fade and be vulnerable to scrapes and scratches. For this reason, it is important to reapply wax periodically. We recommend reapplying wax after you clean the car, then again once every season. Doing this will ensure you car maintains that amazing like-new appearance.