Detailing Comes Down to the Details (Part One)

Who knew, right? It seems like common sense that detailing a car comes down to addressing all the smallest details of vehicle maintenance, however, unless you are a professional you probably are not familiar with what all these details are. We all love the feeling of sitting in a brand-new pristine car; the smell, the feel, and the atmosphere are all incredible. There is no reason older vehicles can’t be restored to this condition. If you are planning on detailing your own vehicle, make sure you focus on each of these areas.

Get the Dirt Out                     

First, you want to loosen and disrupt all the dirt and dust that has settled in your car. Use compressed air to blow out dirt the corners, crevices, nooks and crannies in your car. Take your time and make sure not a single inch escapes your notice. If you have carpets, use a stiff bristled brush to bust up and loosen and dirt that has been caked in there. Now, all you have to do is use a vacuum to suck it all up and get it out of your car!

Finally, if your air compressor is small enough, you should use it to clear out your A/C ducts. The dust inside these vents gets circulated all throughout your car and may cause a musty, unpleasant scent.

Use the Right Cleaning Solution on Tires

If you bring your car to a professional, they will probably use an acid based solution to clean and detail your wheels and tires. However, if you are doing the job yourself, it may be better to use a degreaser. Acid solutions can damage paint and cause bare alloy wheels to oxidize if not used correctly. Degreaser will get the job done without the risk of damaging your car.