custom car interior

Customize Your Car’s Interior

Now is the perfect time to get your car upgraded and to customize it the way you’ve always wanted to. The exterior is already everything you want it to be, so why not put time into enjoying the interior just as much too?

Change out your seats’ upholstery for vinyl or leather to create a timeless look and easy to maintain look, upgrade your car’s audio system, or give it a custom cover. Or if you’re looking for something a little different, try custom carpeting to add a new layer of depth and color to your vehicle.  

Our technicians at VIP European Auto Interior are trained to do all of that and more. Here are some examples. 

A Corvette’s Custom Speaker Set

We are currently working on a complete interior remodel of a beautiful corvette. We’re installing a custom made-speaker set, as well as a completely unique interior and seating. 

Who doesn’t like cranking up the volume and rocking out to your favorite song during a long drive? A custom speaker set lets you match your car’s interior aesthetic while allowing you to express your own tastes, both in looks and sound. 

Cars do come with a sound system, but there’s always ways to improve and change it. If you don’t seem to have the quality of sound that you’re looking for, you can add speakers or an amplifier to reach the sound that you long to have. For more information on this, this article gives a brief overview of a car’s stereo. Additionally, installing a new speaker set is the most cost-effective way you can improve your car’s audio system. 

While some replacements can be done at home, others, such as door panels or replacing factory car speakers with real woofers and tweeters, is more complicated. You should enlist the help of professionals to turn your car into a customized soundstage of your liking. 

Custom Car Covers

We recently highlighted a custom tonneau cover for a 2005 Morgan. Check out that blog to see it!

If your car is a convertible with a removable top, a cover is essential to protecting the interior. 

This is especially true for one-of-a-kind vehicles. A custom made tonneau cover can protect your car’s interior or your cargo space. It is vital to prolong your vehicle’s interior longevity. 

Without a tonneau car cover, your car’s interior can be damaged by any of the following: weather, sun damage, pests, road wear and tear.. 

Let’s look at the aforementioned 2005 Morgan’s tonneau cover. The black canvas contrasts with the car’s stark exterior, while the yellow stitching subtly draws in the primary color. The simple design keeps the cover from overshadowing the beauty of the vehicle, while the sleek shape and stitching highlights the car’s body as well, thus drawing attention from the covered interior to the Morgan’s design. 

A custom car cover should do just that — highlight the vehicle’s unique design without compromising on protection. If you’re interested in a stylish and protective option for your vehicle, give them a call today to set up your free estimate

Try Custom Seat Covers 

It’s that time of year again: we open our car door and are blasted with a wave of freshly baked air. In other words, it’s getting hot out. If you’re anything like us, the thought of sitting on a car seat that’s been heated by the desert sun is not very appealing, especially if the seat is leather. 

One of the most effective and stylish ways to solve this issue is putting on a seat cover. A seat cover will not only protect the fabric from any sun damage, but also make the seat not so scolding to sit on. 

There are a variety of styles and textures that seat covers are made out of. Here are a few ideas that other people have in their cars.

Choose Custom Car Interior Pros You Can Trust 

Our expert technicians are passionate and dedicated to what we do. Every vehicle is handled with care and patience. We can repair, restore, or replace seats, including the creation of custom seat designs, to increase your comfort while driving. It can be as simple as cracked leather, or torn upholstery; we can repair or replace it. 

We also service convertible tops for all their repair and replacement needs. We also specialize in top of the line carpet and upholstery services. Replacing carpeting is demanding and often requires professionals. From leather to vinyl and a host of other materials, custom upholstery work is beyond compare. 

For a free estimate, contact us at VIP European Auto today.