Convertible Care: How to Keep Your Car Clean

A convertible car is elegance, performance, and engineering all in one car. Whenever a convertible car is driven you either notice it or are noticed as the driver. Automatically the eye is drawn to the difference of just how fun and beautiful a convertible car is. However, if you own a convertible you know just how difficult it can be to clean and keep clean. Whether it’s the inside of the car or the top we give you tips on how to take care of your luxury car.

Unlike many other cars convertibles require specific cleaning measures, especially for the top. By maintaining your convertible top you can prevent the car looking old and damaged well before it is time to trade in for a new car. Below we list out just how to clean your convertible top and be sure to keep your car looking clean and new! 

Vinyl and Fabric Tops

Cleaning a vinyl top is similar in cleaning a fabric convertible top. The main difference in cleaning the two is selecting products meant for cleaning vinyl vs fabric. When getting ready to wash your car you want to be sure you use gentle products on your top and gentle brushes. You want to purchase a gentle car shampoo and use a brush with textured bristles to loosen the dirt. If there is any grease or dirt in a particular area of your roof you want to use a convertible top cleaner to help break down the dirt. 

Once you have finished gently cleansing the convertible top you want to thoroughly rinse with water. One of the most important steps after cleaning your vinyl or fabric top is being sure that you use a protectant at the end. By using a protectant such as RaggTopp Vinyl Protectant or a Fabric Guard you will be able to ensure that you keep your convertible top looking nice and new! Using a protectant will help you to prevent cracking of the roof and will help to repel dirt, grease, and water. 

Once you have finished cleaning your car you will want to check for any leaks you may have in the top. Using a protectant will help to prevent leaks, but if the leaking becomes persistent it is recommended to bring the car in for a repair. By taking proper care of your vinyl or fabric convertible top you can ensure that your car will look new for much longer.

Prolong Your Car’s Life

When owning a convertible it can be difficult to keep the car looking as new as when you bought it. This is why we gave you a few tips on cleaning your convertible top to keep it looking fresh and new. However, there are a few other convertible care tips to follow when trying to keep your car clean.

One of the most important ways to keep the inside of your car clean, as well as your top looking nice, is to avoid keeping the top down during the evening. By keeping the top folded it creates more damage than good. If left folded for too long it can create lines and cracks in the material, damaging the convertible top. You want to be sure that every evening you put the top up to prevent having to replace the roof before its time. 

You can also prolong your convertible’s life by being sure that when you are putting the top up or down there is nothing in the way that may cause damage. Whether the top if automatic or manual check that it won’t fold onto something as it goes down or open onto something as it comes up. Watch out for twigs, small branches, or anything that may cause damage to the frame or fabric. 

By following the convertible care tips we have listed above for cleaning your roof and prolonging its life we hope this helps you! If you are looking for any interior replacements, or a new convertible top, contact VIP European Auto today. We take care of all your car details for you!