Caring for your Car: Upholstery Edition

Hey there folks, welcome back to the VIP blog, where we’ve been spending our month dreaming of drives with the top down. Well, that dream is just about over already as Arizona is heating up terrible quick. So roll that top back up and let’s look at what’s happened to your upholstery while it was open to the elements. Here at VIP Interiors looking after your carpets, seats, and upholstery is our bread and butter, but what can you do to ensure you don’t need complete overhaul repairs?

The number one thing you can do to upkeep your interior is bust out the vacuum. Either use your own with a hose or utilize any at the car wash for a few quarters. Take the mats out of your car and shake the excess dirt before vacuuming. Using the hose and the attachments will let you get into all the crevices of your vehicle and pull up any dirt that’s been tracked in.

Working from the bottom up, your seats are the next on the list. Obviously, no one wants stained seats. Grime and other problem stuff can find their way ground into upholstery and will need a bit more work than a simple vacuuming (though that doesn’t hurt!) Get yourself some cleaners and spot clean the problem areas. For leather seats, you’ll need to use leather cleaners, specially designed to work on their surfaces and not degrade them.

Further up is the dashboard. When you’re looking to care for your dash, remember it is constantly receiving UV rays blasting at it. Give it a good wipe down, removing grit and dust and then get a protective coating put down like Armor All. Again, just like the seats you want to avoid cracking and fading if you’re hoping to retain value in your ride.

After you’ve given your ride a thorough cleaning, get yourself organized and stay on top of the upkeep and avoid having to completely replace your interiors. Until next time, enjoy the ride.