4 Steps to Proper Car Storage

Are you getting ready to store your convertible car now that winter is just around the corner? Or do you have a car that you no longer need to use, but still want to keep for value? VIP European Auto Interiors is here to tell you how car storage works and why it’s important. Letting your vehicle sit inside a garage or in the street is not proper storage and can lead to future damages. We provide you with a list of steps to help prevent any damage to your car while it is in storage! 

1. Clean Your Car

You may find the need to clean your car before putting it in storage unnecessary. Who would clean their car before it becomes stagnant and sits for weeks, months, or maybe years? Well, it is quite necessary to clean your car before storage or you run the risk of potential damage to the interior and exterior. You never want to store your car without it being clean as different items or residues may damage the paint over time. If there are any water stains, bird droppings, or oil residues on the car this will cause damage to paint due to the acidity. You also want to wash off any dried bugs on your windows and the front of your car, otherwise these can prove very difficult to get off after storage.

Once you have finished cleaning the outside of the car you want to be sure you perform a deep clean on the inside. Not cleaning your inside can lead to rodents and bugs finding their way to nestle in your car. If there is any food or crumbs be sure to get rid of it. No one wants to come back to a family of rats under the seats! 

2. Change the Oil

If you are storing your car for three months or longer you want to change out the oil. When you change the oil you prevent any possibility of old oil damaging your engine. We recommend reading your car’s owner’s manual to see how often the manufacturer recommends changing the oil.

3. Fill with Gas & a Stabilizer

Before you store your car you also want to refill the gas tank and use a stabilizer as well. By filling the gas you prevent the tank from rusting over time. However, you also want to prevent the gas from decaying due to being stagnant. We recommend using a gas stabilizer to help prevent ethanol buildup. A gas stabilizer will also help to prevent rust and gum buildup. You want to read the directions on the stabilizer to see how much you will need per gallon of gas in your car. 

4. Cover the Car

Once you have cleaned your car, changed the oil, and filled the tank, now it’s time to cover the car. Whether you choose to put your car in indoor storage or outdoor storage a car cover helps to prevent dust buildup. A car cover also helps to prevent anything falling onto the car such as bird droppings, leaves, and even snow or rain. If you choose outdoor storage we recommend using a waterproof car cover for the most effect. You have already gone through all the time and energy to clean the car, so you may as well do your best to keep it clean!

When you put your car away in pristine condition you will come back to your car in pristine condition. Depending on your car the manufacturer may have a few extra car storage tips in the owner’s manual. If you are getting ready to store your car and want to fix the upholstery or seating we can do that for you! Contact us today for a free estimate. VIP European Auto Interior takes pride in the craftsmanship we do with every job.