Best Gifts for Car Lovers 2018

The holidays are zooming up faster than ever! If you’re anything like us, you may have, uh, well not quite gotten started on the whole gift giving thing. Sure, there was all those Black Friday deals to take advantage of, or the deals all throughout the year to really lock in a gift early, but here we are. Early December and you’re cruising for something great. Well, have we got the blog for you! This time on the VIP Interiors blog we are doing something a bit outside our usual realm and that’s looking at gifts to give car enthusiasts this holiday! Buckle up, this one is gonna be an extensive, end of the year gift giving extravaganza!

The Best Gifts for Gearheads

Christmas gifts, holidays gifts, car loversSeat Covers

Does you giftee spend plenty of time in the seat? Maybe something to spruce that up a bit would go a long way for them. Whether you scoop up some new leather, or look at something like Coverking offers, new seat covers can revitalize an older ride or elevate the stock model. Never mind the fact that they’ll take the brunt of the wear and tear. These extend the life of your seats by years!

Carpet Floor Mats

While we’re on the subject of replacement and upgrade parts, what about some new floor mats? If they have a brand new ride, the floor mat will protect their own carpet and floors from heavy damage. Meanwhile, if its an old car a fresh floor mat can breathe new life into a worn and torn auto. Whether they’re a fan of the Cardinals or prefer comic books, there is a floor mat for it.

Magnetic Dash Mount

Does your friend drive for a ride share service or otherwise use their car for work? Likely their cell phone is another crucial piece of their gear. Get them a nice mount that will securely hold their phone, freeing up their hands, cupholders, lap, and allow them to keep their eyes on the road. Really that’s a gift for everyone. Good quality magnetic mounts can be found for as little as $10 making them an easy pick.

Vintage Signs

Does the person in question spend a lot of time elbow deep in their engine? Their garage just that, a garage, littered with tools, jacks, and lamps? Nothin’ wrong with that, that’s for sure. Give them some automotive décor to elevate their workshop and add a bit of class. Whether you choose an older era Ferrari sign or even classic Mobil Pegasus piece, these signs bring the history and heritage in to the garage in a way most posters just can’t.

Auto Apparel

Maybe they’re a bit of a Sunday driver, heading out on the roads every week just for the thrill of it. Or perhaps they want to spruce up their suit with a bit of personality. Apparel for and reflecting the automotive hobby have never been more plentiful. You can get cufflinks that resemble gauges, and make your suit as slick as your ride.

For the Sunday driver meanwhile, maybe take a look at some driving shoes. That’s right driving shoes. These loafers are made out of a flexible leather and have rubber, pedal gripping soles. You’ve never felt as in control of your machine as when your feet are in these bad boys. The car simply becomes an extension of you!

While you’re at it with the shoes, why not take a look at some driving gloves. These accessories were staples of a driver’s wardrobe circa the 50’s and 60’s, why they fell out of favor? We’ll never know. Luckily for all of us today, they’re coming back in a big way. Find a nice, classy pair of leather mitts for them to grip the steering wheel – driving is serious business!


Despite our best efforts, we don’t get to spend all of our time in our cars. So for all those hours we’re forced in doors to sleep in our beds or relax on the porch, maybe bring the car to them with one of the library of books on cars.

For those who are always gabbing about their new Tesla, maybe Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future. The biography of this futurist tells his story from his earliest days to founding Tesla and SpaceX and all the wonderful machines he’s brought to life.

For those with a more classic Americana style, maybe The Art of Muscle Cars coffee table book. Show off the slick look of American muscle like never before in this massive tome from David Newhart.

The beauty of books? They can transport the reader like any Shelby Cobra, maybe better – and they’re certainly a better price than a new set of tires (though if you’re buying…)

Gifts for Car Kids

Maybe you’re the gearhead, American muscle aficionado and you want to share that love with your kids, younger siblings or cousins. In that case, bring the auto life to their attention through toys and games!

The card game Mille Bornes, translated as Milestones in English, is a classic racing card game meant to deliver the thrills of a high-octane cross-country race. After a few rounds of it, you’ll see just how true that is!

Hot Wheels are a classic toy and no doubt will be for years to come. Few things beat out zipping your own die cast hot rod quick as you can across the kitchen floor. We’re getting all nostalgic just thinking about it!

And of course, you can always get their car interior taken care of! Even if they’re not a full blown grease monkey, having a clean interior can mean a world of difference in their everyday life. Take a look at some of our recently completed jobs to see just what VIP can do for you! Whether for you, your loved one or a gearhead friend, Happy Holidays from all of us at VIP! We’ll see you next year!