Beat the Heat (Part 1)

Welcome back to another edition of the VIP blog. Last time we gave you some tips to help your car survive the summer heat, but what about you? Yeah sure you could spend the entire summer months (all 8 of them we get here it seems) in-doors and protected from the temperature and UVs or you can pack up that car of yours and escape the valley for some wonderful day trips!  We scoured the internet to find the deets on some of the best daytrips you can take from Phoenix, all with the goal of beating the heat.

Lava River Cave

Sure, with a name like lava river it doesn’t sound like it’ll be a chill place, but you’d be wrong! The mile-long lava tube was created over 700,000 years ago when a volcanic vent erupted. This hike is located in Northern Arizona, in the Coconino National Forest 14 miles west of Flagstaff. Inside the temperature can be as cool as 40 °F in the summer, with some rocks being covered in ice! Make sure to bring a few light sources in case on fails, you don’t want to be caught underground without. Now that’s a way to cool down!

Summer Sky Ride

While you’re up in Flagstaff, wind your way to the northwest and you can take a scenic ride through the sky, up 11,500 ft. in elevation. It’ll cost you about $15 for an adult, or $10 for children 8-18 and seniors 65-69. 7 and younger, and 70+ get in free. You’ll get a stunning view of northern Arizona.

This have been two of the many things you can do to get out of the summer swelter, just a quick drive up to Flagstaff and you have a full day of exploring deep beneath the Earth and riding high in the sky. We’ll catch you next time on the VIP blog!