Automobile Upholstery Care And Cleaning Tips

From brand-new cars to classics and everything in between, keeping automobile upholstery clean and attractive is important. Coffee stains to pet hair and cigarette burns can result in unattractive upholstery. In fact, it can greatly degrade the overall look of any car. Here are a few simple and straightforward care and cleaning tips for automobile upholstery that everyone should consider. For example, there are several easy ways to remove grease stains from carpeting or automobile upholstery.

This Will Absorb The Grease

One example of this is to simply cover the greasy stain with a generous amount of salt. This will absorb the grease so that it can be safely vacuumed away. Even cornmeal is effective at producing similar results. When using cornmeal it is best to allow it to sit overnight before vacuuming. Any remaining greasy substances can also be removed using a clean cotton cloth and a small amount of paint thinner. As a note of caution, when using paint thinner on any type of upholstery it is important to do a small test somewhere on an inconspicuous spot first.

Another Common Mess

An additional tip for dealing with stained or soiled upholstery is to simply use hairspray to remove pen ink on upholstery or automobile carpeting. As with greasy stains, ink can also be removed using the same salt method as described above. Another common mess that can occur in an automobile is when pets or children have a bout of carsickness. This can create strong foul odors and unsightly stains. When this happens it is best to neutralize the stain with a mixture of baking soda and water. Club soda can also be used to produce the same results.

Wipe Thoroughly With Baking Soda

Finally, vinyl seats have continued to maintain their popularity in classic vehicles as well as some new cars. One of the best ways to clean automobile vinyl seats quickly and effectively is to simply wipe them thoroughly with baking soda that has been applied to a damp cotton cloth. Once this has been accomplished it is best to then rinse with a combination of warm water and mild dishwashing detergent. Automobile owners will find that baking soda is very gentle on vinyl as compared to many commercially available cleaners. ContactVIP European Auto today for the best and Phoenix automobile upholstery services.