acid rain

Acid Rain – The Dangers of Bad Weather

Welcome back to the VIP European Auto Interiors blog! This month we’ve been on a bit of a rainy kick, covering topics of note when it comes to inclement weather. Last time, we discussed some safety tips for driving in the rain and how to stop your car hydroplaning. This time around, we decided we wanted to talk about what kind of damage to your interior and exterior rain can do, which may surprise you.

Acid Rain

The rain that falls from the clouds and the rain that ends up splashing on us or our cars isn’t necessarily the exact same.  The water droplets gather more into themselves as they fall, picking up the air contaminants, the pollution that floats around in the air. When they finally collide into the roof of your car or onto your skin, it’s not just water, but all those chemicals along with it. This is called acid rain.

Acid rain can do a number on the finish of your car, as you can imagine. After the rains have stopped and the water evaporates, the chemicals that it brought with it are left on the surface. These corrosive chemicals can then begin to eat away at the finish of your car. Pair that with strong sunlight (like we have here in the Valley) and you can see your finish getting ruined quick.

So, how do you stop that?

Get To The Wash-a!

Many people like to say that the rain is washing their car for them! Here in Arizona, that may be true to a point. Our rides do tend to accumulate an awful lot of dust in their day to day, and the rain can seemingly help wash that off. But of course, there’s more to it than that. When acid rain and its pollutants are allowed to settle onto your car they can do a number on the finish, especially if you have a clear coat!

To prevent this, taking your car through a car wash immediately after the storms have passed will save you the unsightly damage caused by the corrosive particulates from acid rain. Luckily for us, rain is usually few and far between so this shouldn’t add eat into your car wash budget too much. Plus, you are washing your car every two weeks or so already right? And waxing twice a year?

With that in mind, you should be able to take care of your car’s exterior whenever the rains come in. If you find yourself needing some interior work done, well you know who to call.  VIP European Auto Interiors are committed to giving our customers the finest finish to their interiors, so that they are always driving around in the luxury ride they’ve dreamed of, in sunny weather or storm clouds. Simply give us a call and we’ll work together to get your ride in top notch shape.