A Look into the Porsche Speedster/Boxster Hybrid, Miss Miami

Only one of four in existence, the Stärke Porsche named Miss Miami is truly a spectacle to behold. The sportscar, owned by the founder of Stärke Speedster, is currently being customized by our expert technicians at VIP European Auto, which is a real treat for us to be working on something so special and unique. 

With the owner’s permission, we’re going to be sharing photos of the vehicle’s progress and the work we’ve done so far in this blog today, as well as highlight the history of the iconic Porsche Boxster, which is what is being transformed into a Stärke. 

A Look Back into the Porsche Boxster’s HIstory

It’s easy to forget that Porsche was once on the brink of bankruptcy, given how successful the company is today. Back then, their aging 924, 944, and 968 platforms were not performing well and needed to be revamped and become more accessible to the public. The solution was the Porsche Boxster. 

Designed by Harm Lagaay, the Porsche Boxster concept made its debut at the 1993 Detroit Auto Show as the first new model Porsche had produced in 18 years. It was reminiscent of the 500 Spyder, which was an exceedingly popular car at the time. And with a price tag of just $40K, the public and press alike instantly latched onto the Boxster. 

Three years later, the production Boxster made its official European debut. It was later released in America in 1997. 

By 2003, Porsche had sold more than 120,000 Boxsters with universal accolades. 

Transforming a Boxster into Miss Miami

Miss Miami didn’t start as a Porsche Speedster; she was a 2010 Boxster. It is our job to transform her into something even more unique; a 1955 Porsche Speedster with the interior workings of a Boxster and mods to promote better airflow — a process called retroboding. 

Approximately 1,850 TA1 365 Speedsters were produced, which makes thie vehicle all the more special. 

Once complete, Miss Miami will be the fourth Stärke Porsche in existence. 

Exterior Renovations

As mentioned above, the exterior is a shell of the ‘55 Porsche Speedster. The entire exterior will be the original body of the car, with some minor detail work.

Interior Renovations

This is where the fun begins. How do you turn a 2010 vehicle into something that looks like it’s from the 1950s, but with modern flair? You customize and build. 

Miss Miami will be receiving full interior modifications, including a classic feel on the doors, mechanical mods to increase the cooling efficiency for the new body, mufflers, lights, rear-view mirror, dashboard, seating, upholstery, carpeting; everything in between. It takes about three weeks to completely finalize the interior. 

First, we removed the seats and tore down the interior (as pictured). Then, our body technician took the molded body of the car and painted it. 

Right now, we’re focused on modding the body and perfecting every stitch before we put the car together and finalize all of the little details. We’re so excited to share how this one turns out. 

About the Owner

Stärke is a custom CoachBuilder founded by father and son duo Wade and Maxwell Morrison. Stärke, which is German, translates to “Strength” and “Power,” a name that symbolizes the family’s dedication to German tradition and their commitment to quality craftsmanship. 

They are at the forefront of the retrobod movement, meaning they are one of the strongest advocates for the creation of vehicles with a vintage body combined with a modern chassis and drivetrain. 

 “It’s 2019 and our customers want the best of both worlds, they want the vintage look but they also want modern performance, safety and amenities,” Maxwell said. “Stärke is the first company in the world to offer this type of vintage styled sports car on a modern Porsche chassis.” 

With a Stärke, you get the freedom to drive your sports car across town or across the country. It’s the best of both worlds.

About VIP European Auto

VIP European Auto restores all models: from Mercedes, to Porsche, BMW, Ford, Chevrolet; they do not discriminate. 

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