A Look Back at Our Car Interior Jobs of 2020

We’ve done a lot of work we’re proud of in 2020 and wanted to take a look back at every car we’ve worked on. So here is a look back at our car interior jobs of 2020. If you’re interested in getting an interior overhaul for your car, give us a call

VIP’s Interior Work on a 2000 BMW Z3

The 2000’s model is was sleek when released, but is now considered to be outdated. On this car, the owner wanted work done on the dash, glovebox, and interior repair to bring the Z3 into the modern age without losing the flair BMWs are known for. 

The glove box presented an interesting challenge to our expert technicians, as almost all of the brackets were broken. It was extremely difficult to find replacements for such a coveted vehicle and, once found, cost upwards of $1,300. Instead, we decided to put our brains and creativity to the test. 

We made a custom solution using epoxy and washers internally to provide new anchors. The work is entirely invisible and saved the car owner $1K. The other work included custom door panels, steering wheel, and more. Here is a photo of the car as it is being renovated. 

VIP’s Interior Renovation of a Model X

We didn’t do anything drastic to the Model X, but every little detail counts in a car that is as sleek as the Model X. The owner wanted the all black steering wheel to match their car’s interior, which was white with black accents. We happily delivered. 

Reinvigorating the Interior of a 911S

Our technicians at VIP European Auto were ecstatic to both see and have the chance to work on an authentic 1974 Porsche 911S. The client wanted to keep it as close to the original as possible: original seating and patina were a must. The goal is to repair and reinvigorate what we can, while creating something usable that still looks worn. 

Our team of expert technicians removed all of the material from the seat. From there, we created a custom leather backing and carefully install it onto the seat. Then we replaced the material on the seat frame itself. This way, the 911S retained its original look, original seat shape, and material, while adding repairs and changes to limit damage and give the iconic beauty new life. 

As a bonus, this 911S now has more value than an original with low mileage!. 

Transforming a Boxster into Miss Miami

Miss Miami didn’t start as a Porsche Speedster; she was a 2010 Boxster. It was our job to transform her into something even more unique; a 1955 Porsche Speedster with the interior workings of a Boxster and mods to promote better airflow — a process called retroboding. 

Miss Miami is the fourth Stärke Porsche in existence. 

The entire exterior is the original body of the car, with some minor detail work. The majority of the work happened inside the car. 

Interior Renovations

How do you turn a 2010 vehicle into something that looks like it’s from the 1950s, but with modern flair? You customize and build. 

Miss Miami received full interior modifications, including a classic feel on the doors, mechanical mods to increase the cooling efficiency for the new body, mufflers, lights, rear-view mirror, dashboard, seating, upholstery, carpeting; everything in between. It took about three weeks to completely finalize the interior. 

A Look at the 2005 Morgan Tonneau Cover

VIP European Auto Interiors created a custom black canvas tonneau cover for a 2005 Morgan.The Morgan in question is a 2005 Roadster, which is identical to its 1965 predecessor except for the new Ford modern V6 mechanicals. 

Built on a steel ladder frame with an aluminum body that is reinforced with wood, the 2005 Roadster is as close to its original form as it could possibly be. The black canvas contrasts with the stark yellow color, but the yellow stitching and simple design keeps the cover from overshadowing the beauty of the vehicle. The stitching highlights the car’s shape as well, thus drawing attention from the covered interior to the Morgan’s sleek design. 

Renovating a Custom Corvette 

When the vehicle was brought in, the interior was well-loved and in desperate need of repairs. The red interior was original, cracking, and faded, while the red dash, paired with wood paneling, lost its luster. Both were scratched and in need of replacement. 

The seats are from a Porsche 928 and will be redone to fit the car.

The carpet was completely redone as well.

Full Interior Rebuild of ‘67 Chrysler

A beautiful 1967 red Chrysler 300 received a complete custom interior from VIP European Auto. We installed new tan upholstery that fit the age of the car without looking dated. The light tones brought the car back to its roots while giving the interior a clean and open feel that contrasts with the dark red exterior. 

The door panels, dash, carpet, and seats are also custom fit and made to match the car’s style and the owner’s taste.