5 of the Largest Car Companies

When you are driving down the road, do you ever see cars made by the same company? Maybe you see a lot more Hondas on the road than Kias, or maybe not! Either way, there are only a handful of car producing companies in the world. But which ones are the largest? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve done some research looking into which companies are sitting in the top five…

  1. Toyota Motor, Japan: Toyota Motors takes the number one spot for the largest car producing companies in the world. In 2014 alone, they ended up with 10.2 million in sales. They have an estimated 330,000 employees working for them in the factories and dealerships.
  2. Volkswagen Group, Germany: Volkswagen and Toyota have been neck and neck for quite some time, but this year, Toyota beat them by exactly one point. They do, however, employ more people than Toyota does. They have just over 590,000 employees around the world.
  3. General Motors (GM), United States: GM is widely known in America, as it has its roots right here in the United States. Coming into the third spot, the company ended up with 9.92 million in sales, and has employed around 216,000 people around the country. It also saw a huge uptake in worldwide sales in 2015.
  4. Renault-Nissan Alliance, France & Japan: Surprising? We think so too. Regardless, they make the top four with their 8.47 million in revenues. They have also come out with a few new electric models that can be seen on the road.
  5. Hyundai Motor Group, South Korea: Ending up with 7.71 million in sales in 2014 alone, Hyundai is constantly making new and improved models of their cars, which people drive around regularly.

Whichever car you drive, people actually tend to buy different car models from the same parent company.