2 Crucial Smart Phone Apps for Drivers

These days, there is a smart phone app for everything. These ingenious programs are designed to help us out, entertain us, or to make life a little easier. It should come as no surprise that there are tons of apps out there that have been designed specifically for drivers. Figuring out which ones are any good can seem like a lot of work! You don’t have to worry, VIP European Auto has done that work for you! Let’s look at 4 crucial smart phone apps for drivers.

  1. iGasUp

Have you ever filled up on gas just to look across the street and see a station offering gas for 5 cents cheaper a gallon? How frustrating is that! And who knows if there are even better deals out there somewhere. You also don’t want to spend too much time driving around hunting for the lowest price. You are burning money with every mile after all. iGasUp is a $.099 app has over 110,00 gas stations in its database. When you need gas, open up the app and it will display the 10 closest station and the prices they are currently offering. It updates these prices dynamically as they change. Never overpay for gas again with iGasUp.

  1. Trapster

Have you ever been caught in a speed trap before? It’s frustrating getting those tickets out of nowhere. Trapster, a totally free app, helps you avoid this situation entirely. 14 million worldwide users update a map which warns you when a speed trap is nearby. The traps have to be confirmed by multiple sources before they are added to the map, so you don’t have to worry about slowing down based off of misinformation. Trapster also lets you know when road hazards or construction sites are nearby.